Kylie Jenner Involved in Calabasas Car Crash

Kylie Jenner Involved in Calabasas Car Crash

Kylie Jenner has gotten into a car accident, but luckily everyone is OK.

According to TMZ, the 16-year-old reality star was driving her brand new Mercedes SUV on Wednesday night (August 28) in Calabasas, Calif. when she slammed into the back of a Toyota, which then hit a Subaru.

Kylie has only had her driver’s license for 18 days. Meanwhile, the Toyota suffered major damage to the back-end of the car and the Subaru appeared to have bumper damage.

Kylie reportedly got out of the car and immediately apologized, and exchanged her information with the other drivers. Cops arrived on the scene soon after she left.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

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Credit: Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Getty
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  • claudia

    this is exactly why she is too young and inexperienced to be driving. you cant just give a rich kid a car and expect everything to be ok

  • -A

    isn”t illegal to drive away from the scene of an accident before the cops arrive? i guess its different for her since shes “famous”

  • Jason

    Too bad it wasn’t he folks from TMZ that she ran into. I’m no Kylie Jenner fan, but I HATE the paparazzi and their desperate tactics for photos.

  • Namers


    The statistics on teen driving are staggering. My ex’s sister got her first licence at 15 1/2 and crashed her new car (checking out boys) in one month. It’s quite commonplace (texting, etc.) and are just as bad as the elderly.

  • laura

    It’s just stupid that people can drive at 16. Somebody may be mature, but overall at 16 you’re still a kid. I’m from Europe and in my country we get our driving license at 18, and still a lot of people is quite immature.

  • Anisha

    i wonder what time at night she was driving…

  • Jennifer


    No… Most cops don’t even attend all car accidents. I’ve been in a couple and not ever have the cops arrived. All that is mandatory is for you to exchange information.

  • mxxm

    atleast she was responsible and exchanged details with the other driver. i have seen a case were a driver hit another car and just drove away.

  • ANN

    I agree with you guys! I cannot imagine myself driving at the age of 16, it’s not even possible in Europe. I’m consider to be responsible person and I felt weird when I could legally drive as an adult (18 y/o).

  • anon

    I think she just drove away cos it wasnt that major. it was probably just a dent or something

  • Lyn

    I adore Kendall and Kylie, But i think they are just getting way to spoilt!!!!!

    When I was 16 I never got a new BENZ, my family couldn’t afford a 200K to 300K benz…

    And having expensive hand bags seriously KRIS GROW A BRAIN raise your kids right but not giving them expensive cars and expensive clothes make them work for it from the modelling money.

    Seriously people these days,

    when I have kids in the future my kids are defs not going to get the same from me

  • carina

    she exchanged information so no not really

>>>>>>> staging1