The Jonas Brothers Delete Twitter Account!

The Jonas Brothers Delete Twitter Account!

Bad news – we’ll no longer get tweets from the Jonas Brothers!

The guys – Joe, Nick, and Kevin – seemed to have deleted their group account, as it now says “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

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The week before, the guys announced that they were canceling their tour due to a “deep rift” within the band.

There’s no word on whether the page will permanently stay this way or why it was deleted.

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  • alice

    why cant they f uc king say something instead of being so shady?

  • LDB

    This is really disappointing to me as a fan. You’d think by now they would have something to say. It kinda hurts :[

  • Mll

    They clearly do not care about their fans.

  • Phoenix

    Wow. That’s really sad. I will always support them. I hope they can get through this difficult time

  • lillian

    what the hell is happening with them? so suddenly …. they seemed fine not long ago

  • Mary

    I’m not a fan of them.. but I think that the fans deserves some respect.. I mean they are who they are because of their fans! please show some respect for your fans guys!

  • claudia

    either there is a really big problem they havent solved, or they havent sold enough tickets. either way they shouldnt have confirmed a tour without sorting out the problems because it leaves their fans disappointed

  • http://0 maria

    i’am soo disspoint that they did not talk to their fans.

  • Ann

    They are way beyond their prime time. They should’ve been working HARD to get on the map again – doing press tours, performing shows, attending all the Late Night shows (Fallon, Kimmel, Letterman) and performing some more. Instead, the come up with some reality show that no one watches and pull all these disrespectful and cheap stunts. They can kiss their career goodbye, there is no way they’re getting it back now.

  • Liberty

    I am astounded by the pure selfishness of Jonas Fans at the moment. They DO care about fans. They cancelled the tour as their are major problems professionally/personally (depends which media outlet you believe). They cancelled it because they didn’t want to lie to you, go out on the road and put on a show that wasn’t their best and pretend to you all that things are all good and having you waste your money on some half ass show that isn’t their best.
    You have to remember first and foremost that these guys are brothers. So that comes before anything else. Give them time to sort themselves out and figure it out.
    They are people, they have feelings too,and they have way more to lose than you fans. So give them a break.

  • alex

    they obviously are being “shady” cos they want press!! at this point for them any publicity its good publicity!!. First the cancelled the tour cos the tickets didn’t sell like they expected to and made this lame excuse that they were having problems agreeing the direction they wanted to take said tour, and now they delete the twitter account out of nowhere cos they obviously want ATTENTION which is really disrespectful for their fans, they really should think about them and get over the fact that they’re not as big as they were years ago and move on!!


    noooo please come back. i’m worried about joe, he looks so sad in the pictures lately

  • number8gurl

    Not a fan but it is very disappointing that they have completely disregarded their fans. If it were not for those fans they wouldn’t have a career to schedule a tour to cancel and refund money back to THOSE FANS. They are creating a rift between themselves and their fan base which they may not be able to get back if they don’t hurry up and release a statement and AN APOLOGY. ps: I think it is very childish and attention whor-ish to delete your twitter account. So many have done it and it always gets them press…but most come back to Twitter so it’s just a scam and jerks people around.

  • nobody

    I watched some of that ‘married to Jonas’ show and Kevin’s wife Dani didn’t like the idea of him touring….and now she’s pregnant…hello??? I also remember Kevin commenting in the show that Nick and Joe were ‘leaving him out’ of some of the creative process. 1+1 = Kevin’s marriage/wife caused the rift.

  • mette


    Yes I’m glad they chose to cancel rather than go do a tour that wouldn’t be good, but they could at least come out with some statement about the band.. Yes they may be brothers and that comes first, but doing some sort of press release wouldn’t be that much hassle for them..

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