'The Originals' Interview: Joseph Morgan on Klaus' Underhanded Manipulation & More

'The Originals' Interview: Joseph Morgan on Klaus' Underhanded Manipulation & More

Check out our brand new interview with Joseph Morgan!

We caught up with The Originals star on set in Atlanta where he opened up about Klaus’ possessive nature, his relationship with his siblings Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and more.

In this week’s episode, we get a glimpse into Klaus’ new-found friendship with Cami (Leah Pipes) as well as his continued manipulation of Marcel (Charles Michael Davis).

Joseph also told us about his reaction to the Klaroline fandom!

The Originals airs every Tuesday @ 8PM on The CW!

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Joseph Morgan

JustJaredJr: So Klaus has befriended Marcel in order to take him down. Do you think Marcel is privy to what’s going on at all?

Joseph Morgan: I think Marcel doesn’t trust him, regardless. I think they are both wary of each other. They are two very powerful beings, especially Klaus. And Klaus returning to the town has sort of everybody on edge. I don’t believe he trusts him entirely to begin with. I think it will play out a while longer. It’s all sort of played out beneath the surface, comments to one another and sussing each other out. They are circling one another at the moment. But there will come a time where the cards will be on the table. But I think we still have a little more of this underhanded manipulation for a while.

JJJ: Klaus and Cami will strike up an interesting friendship. Now that Marcel is dating her, will that cause more problems between them?

JM: It depends on how much Marcel knows about the friendship. If Marcel knows that Klaus wants Cami to tell him what Marcel’s doing, where he goes, who he sees, then that’s going to be a huge problem. At the same time, the Quarter is a relatively small place so they all knowing each other…I would imagine Marcel is slightly suspicious of anything Klaus does because he didn’t get where he is today by being trusting and naive. And he knows Klaus well and spent a long time with him. He grew up with Klaus, so I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem. I think it will be interesting to see how that affects Cami being used in that way, and whether she does have a spark with Marcel and where that goes.

JJJ: Klaus daggered Rebekah for 52 years after he found out she was seeing Marcel. He doesn’t have the best track record with her boyfriends. Will he ever approve of a guy for her?

JM: I think if there was something that he was getting out of it then he may be OK with it. The thing is, with his relationship with both of his siblings who are still living, he wants all of the attention and love, and affirmation he can get from then. So the idea of them having some exclusive thing with someone else that he’s not a part of makes him…it goes right back to his childhood. He’s feels like an outsider again. He feels rejected. He feels like he’s not having the love and affirmation of his parents and family. I think that’s why he has a real problem with that. He’s very possessive.

JJJ: As for Klaus and Elijah, even when they aren’t on the best of terms, you can tell they still care. Could you think of any situation in which one would actually kill the other for good?

JM: At the end of season two, Elijah was plotting with the Salvatore Scooby-Doo Gang to properly end Klaus and take out his heart. But Klaus has always resorted to the dagger, to put them in a box for a while. It’s putting him on timeout (laughs). I’ll literally put him in this box and control him. But I don’t know. I don’t think so. I don’t think that they would ever want to destroy each other. Who else is going to understand him after that amount of time, other than the people who have been around and shared all those memories with him. I don’t think they could do it to each other.

JJJ: And we have to ask about Klaus and Caroline’s relationship. What was your initial reaction to all the fan support?

JM: It was more than I thought it would be. It wasn’t supposed to be, I think, as big of a thing in the beginning. Although, I always wanted a love interest for him or a focus for his affections because I felt like it would allow me to explore different aspects to the character that we haven’t seen. We’ve seen a little bit in terms of his siblings and how he felt about them, but not in that way. But it really became something huge. And in fact, initially, the main threat to the spin-off was that people were so invested. I was like, “We shot ourselves in the foot by making it too convincing” (laughs). But you know, everybody is aware of it. It’s not like we’re like, “Oh, people care about that? Really?” We’re building something here and it will be referred to. It’s not like we’re like, “Well, that’s done. Forget everything we built up and you invested in.” I think there’s got to be some kind of resolve. But yeah, for me it was a surprise how much people responded to it.

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