Jonas Brothers: 'It's Over For Now'

Jonas Brothers: 'It's Over For Now'

Sad news – it looks like the Jonas Brothers won’t be getting back together any time soon.

The guys – Joe, Nick, and Kevin – confirmed that the band has called it quits indefinitely.

“It’s over for now,” Kevin told People. Nick added, “It’s really hard to say ‘forever.’ We’re closing a chapter, for sure.”

“It was a unanimous decision,” Joe said.

The decision came after Nick called a meeting on Oct. 3 to express his concerns. “I was feeling kind of trapped,” he said. “I needed to share my heart with my brothers.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about the Jonas Brothers breaking up?!?

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  • chad

    ok Nick we get it you want to become the next JT & have your own path..
    But guess what, you’ll never be as famous as you were, it’s over for the band & for ya too boo!

  • mia

    Shut up! They said it was an unanimous decision, Nick was only the first to talk openly about it.

  • lui

    hahahahaha why is it so funny to me?
    They are done for a good 3 years now…

  • http://Frozenatheart M

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! WHHHYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I love them so much! I was crying in the shower over this! I feel like commiting suicide! They mean so much to me! Don’t be mean! How would you feel if you’re favorite band called it quits! (Is it forever or for the time being? PLEASE say its not for ever!) Everyone has their own favorite boy bands in the world! Don’t judge or be cruel based on what they like!

  • a

    @M: i get that you are upset. but feeling like killing yourself over a band is a little much. i hope that you move past this though and are okay in time.

  • http://facebbok Doroty

    it’s a joke. LIES. They are not over.

  • shanghai

    OK so understand that but why cancel a tour two days prior now thats really unprofessional. Plus how can you disappoint loyal fans like that. If one or all were determined to break up make it a farewell tour but at least go ahead with it. Feels like something more to this its strange timing.

  • Allie g

    Joe wants to go a more ‘adult’ almost rated R way and the boys don’t want to. It has been over for a while now anyways…

  • marie

    The parasite called Blanda got Joe hooked up on drugs. Blanda has a lot of control over Joe and his actions. She’s all about herself lately and expects Joe to shower her with public attention. She can’t get enough of the attention she’s receiving now that that’s dating Joe and she actually believes she’s famous now. Her life is pretty much dedicated to paparazzi shots, and her addiction to drugs. She is who calls to paparazzis

  • lucky

    They came back after 3 years break and went on tour in the summer…V was already completed and they were about to go on another tour.. why?! =( If this was gonna happen, they should’ve waited longer to sort out their problems first before coming back.. still can’t believe they are breaking up like this =(

  • cd

    Most of my favorite band is currently dead.
    You wil survive, I promise.
    You still have their music. Chill

  • Ells

    I WILL FOREVER BE A PROUD JONAS BROTHERS FAN!!! Thank you and I love you Kevin, Joe & Nick! :)

>>>>>>> staging1