'X Factor' Interview: Alex & Sierra on Dating, Demi Lovato, & Prepping for the Live Shows

'X Factor' Interview: Alex & Sierra on Dating, Demi Lovato, & Prepping for the Live Shows

X Factor contestants Alex & Sierra open up to JJJ in this brand new interview!

The 22-year-old Florida natives are not only performing together, but they’re a couple in real life too!

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We caught up with Alex & Sierra about prepping for the lives shows, working with Simon Cowell, and what it’s like working with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

The X Factor airs TONIGHT @ 8PM on Fox!

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Alex & Sierra

JustJaredJr: Hi guys! So what made you want to try out for the show?

Sierra: I think we both really, really wanted to sing for Simon Cowell because ever since we were little, we’ve seen him on TV. We both love to sing, but we wanted to get feedback on if what we were doing was actually good. Our friends and family are always saying, “Oh, you’re so good,” but we kind of wanted to get validation from people that know what they’re talking about.

Alex: Neither of us could really think of a reason not to. There’s not really anything negative that could have come out of this.

JJJ: Are you prepared for any negative feedback?

Alex: I think we are both – not excited – but ready for any sort of negative feedback because all that’s going to do is give us things to work on. I think in any sort of competition, getting criticism is positive because it will show you your weaknesses and allow you to open up your mind to work on things you may or may not have known were issues prior to hearing them from someone else.

JJJ: Are you nervous for the live shows?

Sierra: I’m kind of nervous that my go-to-reflexes are to do really weird stuff. They already told me I’m sticking my tongue out (laughs). I’m not any more or less nervous about our performance or anything because it’s live, I guess I’m just nervous for stuff that no one can edit out and they will be live forever more (laughs).

JJJ: What do your friends and family back home think about all of this?

Alex: They are all just absolutely supportive and extremely excited. They’re all planning to come out. Sierra’s family’s coming. My family’s coming. I don’t know when, but they’ll be here. But yeah, we’re hoping to make it through a few live shows so everyone gets an opportunity to come and experience this with us.

Sierra: My parents are excited because they don’t really watch any of these shows and I don’t think they really understand that I’m on one (laughs).

JJJ: Being in a group is hard enough, but then you guys throw in the dating dynamic as well. How do you resolve any issues musically with your significant other?

Alex: We both definitely have similar tastes in music and we’re both pretty easygoing as well, so it helps. Sierra listens to a little bit more of the pop hits of today, and I listen to a lot of Jason Mraz and John Mayer. That’s about it (laughs). I’m always open to trying new things because we’re able to change it up however we want it. So even if there’s music that we may not love that we are going to sing or we have to do, we can always put our spin on it. And we end up loving pretty much everything we do anyway. So far, we haven’t really had any disagreements on songs and stuff because I think were both pretty copasetic with each other and our ideas.

JJJ: Alex, you play guitar. Do you plan on bringing that out at some point? What are the rules with that?

Alex: So far, I’ve fought really hard to get the guitar up on stage with me, and everyone has been pretty willing to let me do it. There hasn’t been much of a negative response to that. Everyone thinks it’s a good idea. Personally, I’m a lot more comfortable with my guitar than I am without it, so you can expect to see it.

JJJ: If you could take the stage with anyone, who would be your dream collaboration?

Sierra: Well, I know Alex is going to say Jason Mraz…

Alex: Jason Mraz, definitely, is my first choice. But also, together, maybe Ed Sheeran. We both love him.

Sierra: Yeah!

Alex: I think we would gel well with him. And we met him one time and he’s the nicest guy ever.

JJJ: Would you guys ever consider doing an original song on stage?

Sierra: Alex has a bunch of his own original songs and then I have them, but so far we haven’t written anything together yet.

Alex: As far as on stage, I’m not sure only because we haven’t written together. If the opportunity came along, and we’re out here and getting inspired, and we start writing things, maybe. I guess it depends on how comfortable we’d be with something like that. I don’t really know. We haven’t really thought about it.

JJJ: Well yeah, definitely don’t do it if you’re not 100 percent comfortable! It is a competition after all and it’s definitely risky.

Alex: And that would be the issue because you want to be able to reach as many people as possible. And I don’t know about you, but personally when I hear a song for the first time, usually I don’t love it. It usually takes me a few times to really fall in love with a song, so I don’t know if that would be the smartest decision if we only get one minute and then do something no one has ever heard.

JJJ: We totally agree!

Alex: We’ll blame you if something bad happens (laughs).

JJJ: Fair enough! So who do you think is going to be the toughest judge?

Sierra: I think Demi [Lovato] will be tough because she wants to criticize and help people get better. For the four-chair challenge, even people she loved…I mean she loved us, but gave us criticism too, which I think is great.

Alex: I also think Paulina [Rubio] is going to be a tough judge. I think she has her own ideas and a lot of times she kind of comes out of left field with some of the things that she says. So you can never really know what she’s going to say.

JJJ: And finally, who do you think is your biggest competition?

Sierra: Restless Road. But we love them! We’re best friends, out of everyone in the whole competition.

Alex: It’s hard because we know the groups really well. We’ve gotten really close with them and Restless Road, they’re three handsome boys (laughs) and they definitely have that appeal to a large audience. And they’re really, really good.

Sierra: I love them!

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