'Every Witch Way' Premieres January 1st!

'Every Witch Way' Premieres January 1st!

Meet the cast of Every Witch Way!

The new Nickelodeon show follows 14-year-old Emma Alonso (Paola Andino), as she moves to Miami and her life turns upside-down. Not only does she discover that she is a witch, she also has a crush on the boy next door, Daniel (Nick Merico).

But Daniel’s ex-girlfriend Maddie (Paris Smith), who is an ‘evil witch’ and leader of the school clique the ‘Panthers,’ is still willing to fight for the boy she loves. Be sure to tune in week nights at 7:30 p.m. (ET/PT) to see what magical mishaps unfold.

The show also stars Mavrick Moreno, Daniela Nieves, Tyler Alvarez, Denisea Wilson, Autumn Wendel and Kendall Sanders.

The premiere episode, “Discovery”, airs Wednesday, January 1st @ 7:30PM ET/PT. 15+ pics inside…

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Credit: Terry Doyle; Photos: TeenNick
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  • Nancy

    I am not a fan of Nickelodeon in general, but this show is awful. I have never seen such terrible acting!

  • dave

    This show was the worst I have ever seen, so bad it felt like they were just sitting in Nickelodeon making fun of people for watching it. Our kids are now banned from watching Nickelodeon at night. Kids shows have gone from terrible to something so bad there aren’t words for it.

  • autumn

    I’m glad this show is a one month event. Is this show like a parody. Two things wrong with this show : it’s acting is terrible and the show has the most horrible editing ever.

  • beliber420

    this website so bad i stopped fingering myself to throw up

  • tina jacobs

    Pretty girl and sweet but this witch certainly does not know how to act.

  • Josiah

    Saddest show on Television! I’d say that most of the shows on Nick are… good, but Every Witch Way has to be the worst show in the history of TV. On most shows, when someone makes a joke are says something funny, they have the laughing crowd in the background. This show doesn’t have that, which makes everything even more awkward and, well, stupid to watch. Does Nick know that their show is so bad? I suggest that anyone who hasn’t watched the show themselves, that they stick with that and they don’t watch it. Hands down the stupidest, most terrible show ever made.

  • kaylee

    U guys are wrong every witch way is the best show your just jealous you are not on tv

  • http://everywitchway.wikia.com Eric Nelson

    This is the best, I don’t see anything wrong with the acting or the quality, except for the bright ring encircling the moon, the moon’s gigantic appearance, the too bright looking midnight rainbow & the bright blue night sky and finally, too many stars in the night sky, but those are just 5 parts out of a 500, the rest of the hundreds of parts are perfect, i’m not saying the show is horrible, but it’s simple, just edit & fix those parts for future marathons & voila, show’s perfect, thanks!

  • http://everywitchway.wikia.com Eric Nelson

    Also, some say it’s a soap opera, but that’s technically wrong, Soap Operas are not recommended for people under 14, & this is a children’s show, Even though there is romance and cliffhangers in every episode, it still doesn’t count as a soap opera, it still rather counts as a kids/teen sitcom than a soap opera, because if it was a soap opera, the rating would be TV-14 instead of TV-G, and there would be content that’s inaproppriate for children under 14, the content on Every Witch Way is good for all ages, even with the social preppy talk from some characters.

  • http://everywitchway.wikia.com Eric Nelson

    And Finally, This is also the last “good” show on nickelodeon, after that gets cancelled (if it does), that’s it with the good shows.

  • http://everywitchway.wikia.com Eric Nelson

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  • http://everywitchway.wikia.com Eric Nelson

    When you search http://spanengrish.blogspot.com and type in Every Witch Way, please click the about me and click email me and tell him to talk more about the difference between soap operas and kids shows, and change the word “soap opera” and “cheap soap” to “comedy drama” and “cheap drama”. since soap operas are targeted for the 14-50 age demographic and Every Witch Way is a kids and family show with NO age limit or demographic.

    Remember, Please subscribe.

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