Just Jared Jr's 25 Most Popular Actors of 2013

Just Jared Jr's 25 Most Popular Actors of 2013

JJJ‘s been busy wrapping up the year with all of our favorites in entertainment.

This time we’ve got the Top 25 actors of 2013, according to site statistics, reader comments, social interaction, and more!

Did your favorites from TV, music, film, and more make the list? And who came in at No. 1? Check it out!

Also, be sure to check back soon to see who made our list of most popular actresses of 2013!

25. Taylor Lautner
24. Max Irons
23. Ian Somerhalder
22. Joseph Morgan
21. David Henrie
20. Shane Harper
19. Nathan Kress
18. Colton Haynes
17. James Maslow
16. Jamie Campbell Bower
15. Tyler Hoechlin
14. Garrett Clayton
13. Tyler Blackburn
12. Daren Kagasoff
11. Josh Hutcherson

Click inside to find out who were JustJaredJr.com‘s top 10 most popular actors of 2013…

10. Jake T. Austin
9. Leo Howard
8. Avan Jogia
7. Austin Butler
6. Dylan O’Brien
5. Logan Lerman
4. Liam Hemsworth
3. Dylan Sprouse
2. Ross Lynch
1. Zac Efron

TELL JJJ: Are you surprised by the list? Who was your favorite actor in 2013?

FYI: These rankings are calculated by a number of factors, including pageviews/hits from readers, comments, and social media interaction. The number of posts on each actor during the year is also taken into consideration.

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  • Chosen One

    I don’t think Dylan Sprouse has acted in anything this year

  • OK

    Of course Zac is number one. He has always been number one in my heart!!!

  • Maddie

    bullish*t where’s Paul Wesley or Daniel Gillies?! Why the hell is Garrett whatever his surname in it! All he was in was the most sh*ttest Disney film ever (a crappy copy of old school films) seriously that is dumb, how can he be popular he’s not even good looking! And also why is austin butler in it? So he’s in another disney crap star does not mean he is the most popular! This list is bullish*t!
    The top 10 should be (in no particular order) Zac Efron, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Colton Haynes, Josh Hutchinson, Liam Hemsworth, Logan Lerman and Tyler Hoechlin.

  • Whatever

    @OK: I think you did that all by yourself. Since all the comments are you.

  • OK

    @Whatever What a compliment to me, and happy to say it is not true. This is because of all his fans and even those haters who post here get counted.
    But thank you anyway if you meant it as a compliment or not.

  • OK

    Who ever and how ever Zac is listed as the number one actor for Just Jared Jr. for 2013

  • Jessica

    Zac Efron . Yes .

  • OK

    One last look at the number one actor before lunch.

  • Whatever

    @OK: Not a compliment 90% of the comments for Efron are you. Get a Life.

  • OK

    @Whatever I have the best life ever and that includes being a huge Zac fan. Maybe even his number one fan.
    If that bothers you so much maybe you are the one that needs to get a life?

  • wow

    Efron didn ‘t do anything much this year. But i guess he ‘s always a star.

  • niagirl

    But he’s not an actor.

  • Grace

    Ian Somerhalder is Top 10 list. He is sucess 2013!.

  • claudia

    half of these are a bunch of crap but even tho i dont agree, zac efron would’ve been first regardless cuz hes the most bankable and relevant male celeb on just jared jr

  • OK

    Not to mention the best!!!

  • ANYA

    @OK: bankable I doubt, his movies have been a flop, he is in the 1st stop for his rehab stints, other than that he hasn’t been doing a thing besides flop movies….

  • ANYA

    @OK: *spot

  • OK

    Not all his movies have been flops. Most have done very well. (On the most part his reviews have been very good,)
    I bet the next two out will do very well.

  • ANYA

    @OK: his movies have been a flop, only movies not being a flop, 17 and maybe meow all the others are terrible, and his reviews haven’t been good, and parkland was mostly mixed and not even focused on him to say the least… That awkward moment will make the b.o because of the date, but it won’t get pass B in the score, and then neighbors, well, it’s Seth roguen you can ask much more besides that, Seth is a genius

  • http://twittercom/Yellyefron Yarelly


  • OK

    “HSM3″ Did very well and in case you did not know “Hairspray” was on of the biggest musicals. You just might want to check on some of his other movie. I’m not arguing this with you because you didn’t do your homework.
    Those who don’t like him usually don’t
    Have a very pleasant evening.

  • OK

    Seth was a genius to use Zac You are dead wrong Zac has plenty of good reviews in fact many said it he was the best part of these movies.
    Bottom line is Zac was named number one on this post and try as you may, you and those who do not like him can’t take that away from him or those who like him.

  • Whatever

    @OK: Do an experiment you don’t post anything on his future posts and see if he is still number one next year. I think many will be surprised

  • OK

    Yeah that is going to happen. Zac has many fans who post on here so don’t give me all the credit.

  • Glamour

    ANYA , it’s Hairspray 200m ,17 Again 150m , NYE 150m , TLO 100m , Lorax 350m . lol

  • Glamour

    wait Austin Buttugly is at 7th ? OMFG is he even an actor ???

  • kea

    totally accurate! Zac’s number one. He deserves way more mature projects in the future to blossom as an actor because I really think he can.

    He’s very talented and even though he tries to keep his life as private as possible he’s the number one here. That has to mean something cause he didn’t get here through scandals or PDA – he’s just damn talented.

  • vicooo


  • aj

    yeah zacs big movies do well but not the indie ones . which is surprising since hes got a whole string of chicks willing to watc h all his stuff. its gonna be difficult for him to seal a male audience that doesnt have a crush on him but i think neighbors will do well i mean its seth and dave. i see him excelling in that region since the indies were like a test to see how other audiences viewed him but not enough actuall y viewed him . wen they did it was more mixed reviews than solid good ones so even thou he was good nobody noticed cus the reviews were bad.

  • Yeah

    @aj his indie reviews were very good. 99% positive. but mainstream reviews were not good. they always slammed his acting. i agree that indies could have been a test. just to break off from mainstream and to do mature stuff on screen. good to see he’s back to mainstream tho

  • OK

    Zac’s indies did not have proper distribution most the country didn’t have a chance to see these movies. That was not Zac’s fault.

  • yets

    Austin Butler is No. 7 so proud of you Austin.

  • abby

    Dylan Sprouse! lol his scandal did him good. Who the hell are these other guys, never even heard of some. Austin Butler, Avan Jogia,Tyler Hoechlin, Max Irons,David Henrie,Shane Harper,Nathan Kress. 0_o

  • Lawrence

    A lot of my hunks made the list so I’m happy. :)

  • OK

    Love it that Austin Butler made it too.

  • Merlin’s mum

    Glad to see James Maslow at no 17 and Zac at no 1!! :)

  • aj

    reviews about zac in indies were about 75-80% good (i kno ur his fans but be real) lol at least to me but thats still good u can t impress everyone. mainstream movies never do that well with critics bu t audiences love them so thats all that matters at that point cus they help u with ur rep since they look to audiences and how well received the actor or actress is by them. at any price the script was bad and parkland was an ensemble cast so u cant really focuz on one character plus it came out the same day as gravity soo dumb. paperboy was good but it got bad distribution so no one saw it despite having a solid cast. kidman did awesomme in it as well. distribution is never the actors fault really (unless like in j biebers case it is cuz of his rep image) so i never said that its zacs fault why his indies did bad. i think if he quickly releases an indie right after neighbors he can get a stable audience to view him and see how diverse he is becaues not many ppl have been paying attention to him apart from his fanbase so ppl dont know about the indies.

  • cosgroverusher

    nathan kress and James maslow <3 !

  • Donna Marie

    1. Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow- cmon!!)
    2. Stephen Amell
    3. Hugh Jackman
    4. Chris Hemsworth
    5. Hugh Dancy
    6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    7. Robert Downey Jr.
    8. Taylor Kinney
    9. Colton Haynes
    10 Michael Fassbender
    11James McAvoy
    12 Gerard Butler
    13 Justin Timberlake
    14 James Purefoy
    15 Channing Tatum

    I really didn’t # these for any reason but neatness
    however I do love love Tom Mison and Stephen Amell
    they are my current # 1 and # 2
    I’m obviously lots older than most posters here but
    I do think the above guys are grand!!!!

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac

  • http://Justjaredjr.com No Name Available

    @Maddie: You speak truth .-. I’m suprised anyone now and days still has good judgement -.-

  • cherie

    Ian Somerhalder and Channing tatum

>>>>>>> staging1