Jon M. Chu Talks Justin Bieber: 'He's Not as Bad as the Paparazzi Portray Him to Be'

Jon M. Chu Talks Justin Bieber: 'He's Not as Bad as the Paparazzi Portray Him to Be'

Justin Bieber‘s Never Say Never and Believe movie director Jon M. Chu has definitely got his back.

“He’s not as perfect as he says he is,” the director recently shared with Esquire about the 19-year-old entertainer. “…and he’s not as bad as the paparazzi portray him to be. He’s a kid.”

Bill O’Dowd, the CEO of Dolphin Films who produced Believe, also chimed in on Justin‘s behalf: “I’m sure he would take back some of the things he’s done, but I don’t know how we can expect a rambunctious young boy to stay in his hotel watching a movie and eating room service every night. I just don’t know what people expected.”

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  • Jason

    Everyone that defends Justin Bieber says “he’s just a kid, he’s just a kid”… well, no, at 19 years old, he’s a adult. He makes adult money and has adult responsibilities. He and his mom chose to abandon his childhood… that was THEIR choice. Now he’s a big boy and this “he’s a kid” nonsense has been played out.

  • somebody


  • Emi

    @Jason: I agree with you, he’s not a kid. He’s a 19 year-old teenager, almost 20, but he acts the same way most of the people of that age do. I mean, probably the only difference is that he’s famous so the things he does are, maybe, bigger but most of the guys would do the same in his position. Just saying, I’m 21 and my friends are not like so grown up so… I’m not a believer, in fact I don’t like him much but I think this Jon Chu must be the only one saying things as they are and a agree with him :)

  • M.K.

    Sounds like Jon is just making excuses for him. He’s 19…not a kid, and while a lot of guys his age act out…he has enough money and enough riding on his career to where he should wise up. He also should have enough people working with him to tell him to take it down a notch. Most guys his age don’t have such a big boy job. It’s more like: Justin wants to act like he’s some bad-a$$ adult and he wants to be treated “grown” when it’s convenient to him, but when he effs up then he doesn’t want to take responsibility for his actions and he either a) hides behind being only 19 and a kid or b) places the blame on someone else. This “kid” is a punk, and this “kid” adds a few 0′s to the end of Jon and Bill’s checks every time they work with him, therefore I doubt they’re going to go against this “kid”. But, what’s the age old saying? “Boys will be boys”, right? So, I mean, let’s just let him get anyway with everything. If his fans didn’t have Bieber Baby blinder goggles on with him and he was some other celeb, they wouldn’t make excuses for him. I can think of many young men in his line of work who have not ‘stayed in the hotel room eating room service’ and yet they still have not behaved so disrespectfully, so immaturely, so recklessly, and so publicly at that. He’s speeding alone puts lives in danger. His name grants him power and persuasion and that’s the real truth. Anyone other celeb with a horrid reputation has been trashed, but when it’s Justin…it’s ‘cut him some slack’. It’s sad that enough money will make people turn the other cheek instead of showing this “kid” how much he’s ruining his career.

  • http://havenone i’m already taken

    this kid is ruining his career his only 19 he is a adult now so he should be responsible for him self and not letting him rule you he is gonna put you guys in alot of trouble