Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI in Miami Beach

Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI in Miami Beach

Justin Bieber was arrested for driving under the influence early this morning (January 23) in Miami Beach, Fla.

According to TMZ, the 19-year-old singer was pulled over and charged with drag racing, DUI, resisting arrest without violence, and driving on an expired license.

He is currently in police custody being tested for his blood alcohol level after he failed a field sobriety test at the scene. He will then be sent to jail where bail will be set.

Justin had reportedly just left the club with a model and was driving a yellow Lamborghini while racing someone in a residential neighborhood. Justin reportedly refused to take his hands out of his pockets when asked. The other driver, reported to be a rapper named Khalil, was in a red Ferrari and was also arrested.

“#BreakingNews confirming @justinbieber has been arrested for DUI & Drag Racing more info & press release coming,” Miami PD tweeted.

UPDATE: Justin‘s mugshot has been released.

UPDATE: He has admitted to alcohol and drug use prior to arrest.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Justin Bieber being arrested for DUI?

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  • Jocelyn

    Keep him in jail he need to learn he lesson or he need some
    Help.First he threw egg at his neighobor house
    Now it’s DUI. I think justin need his mother around.
    I am bieber fan and alway will be.

  • http://Jonasb2013 Tiffiny


  • keN

    . . . first,, he wasn’t ‘Drag Racing’. He was street racing. BIG Difference.!
    Drag Racing is a credible sport held on sanctioned ‘closed courses.
    ‘Street racing is not a sport. It’s just racing around with your friends
    on the street. . . . Everyone,, get this straight. … Next,,
    He’s a kid living in LA with a fast car, some ‘shaky’ friends, and. . .
    a few million dollars in his wallet. If i had grown up under those
    conditions,, I wouldn’t have made it to 25. So,, cut him some slack,,
    . .kick back and enjoy the show. (while it lasts). Hopefully he’ll make
    it thru this ‘invincible phase’ he’s in now. His managers and people
    guiding him thru his career,, are failing at protecting him from himself.
    Power and money corrupts,, even at this age. “Steer it Justin” . . . . k

  • http://theanonymous.com lisaB

    Justin please stop the madness!! you have changed so much in the last year and if you keep being so reckless you will get hurt..Lisa<3

  • Allison

    Am I suprised? Heck no, I even went “HA” to all those stupid beliebers out there who think he’s perfect. He needs to experience all the downfalls of being famous, yea yea.

  • http://hollywoodstyle2.blogspot.com alexness


  • http://none karen purchase

    Justin Biiber need to grow up and acting like a little kid beteen 2 -9 the police need to just trow away the key and don’t let him out.

  • CES

    I never liked him. He needs to grow up. Why can’t he be more like Victoria Justice or Liz Gillies? They are both good girls. They do nothing to disappoint their fans. He does and did. What a disappointment….

  • BellA

    I am a belieber but what he is doing is making lots of girls not which is sad because he used to be such a caring cautious person. But now as he is mixed in with the wrong crowd bad things are happening. I feel sorry for him in a sense because he just seems so broken and doesn’t know what to do. He was on anti depressant pills and that just breaks my heart. And if he doesn’t do something quick then something terrible will happen like
    He will be in jail for good or something worse that I can’t bring myself to type because it’s just too sad. I hope that his managers and his family can help him to see whose good in his life and to bring him back down to earth. Who ever is around justin eg scooter his mum and family please help him as john m chu said he could be the next train wreck and I know us beliebers don’t want that to happen.
    That’s all I have to say

  • barbara q

    @CES: did you seriously just compare the biggest male pop star on the planet right now to 2 female stars who are barely on the map? lmao