Vanessa Hudgens Watched the Super Bowl in Spanish

Vanessa Hudgens Watched the Super Bowl in Spanish

Vanessa Hudgens keeps a low profile while picking up some things at Bed Bath & Beyond in Studio City, Calif., on Wednesday morning (February 5).

Just the night before, the 25-year-old actress joined Nikki Reed and Kate Mara for a pre-Valentine’s Day party at DBA.

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Over the weekend, Vanessa kicked back to watch the 2014 Super Bowl and improvised when the English station wasn’t working.

“My solution to the cable blackout last night? Watching the game in Spanish. Lol #superbowl #gohawks,” she wrote on Tumblr.

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  • Lawrence

    It’s disturbing to here her say shes kinda Latina. Shes not. Its the equivalent of a Mexican child saying shes kinda Spanish. She should stop, be proud to be Phillipina. Its frustrating to Hispanics to here her say this.

  • Mll

    She says go hawks but I bet she couldn’t name a single player on the team.

  • tina

    @Lawrence: I’ve only heard her say that once and that was when she was asked on Chelsey Lately. You need to check the ethnicities of the Phillipines, you will find Spanish to be one of them. The same thing with Mexico. Don’t they still teach history in schools?

  • Lawrence

    There may be a white slave owner in a black persons history, too. People in general dont say I could’ve had an ancestor that was raped, with the excitement that she does. U n her need schooling. U need to understand just how offensive ur comment n hers is. She says it many times. No matter the times k nice if offensive enough.

  • Lawrence

    Her answer to the question should be…no. Because in truth she is not. If u dont know u dont say ” maybe.” Her mother is phillipina n her father caucasian. Facts, not bs.

  • tina

    @Lawrence: Wow what a distorted view of history. So what you are saying is all the Spaniard did was rape and pillage. So when Europeans did it, it was colonizing although the Native American (which her father is half btw) were already here but because they were Spanish they were bad. You really need to read more.

  • Lawrence

    She should then in fact say she is part Indian not Spanish.

  • IMO

    @Lawrence: I think your talking this post out of context . She had Time Warner as a cable provider as I do. On Sunday it went down the only place she could see the Superbowl was a Spanish station . As far as her being part latina she is a part of alot of things since her father is part Irish, American Indian and he Mom is Phiippina and Spanish . so in essence she is mixed ans alot of us are. In reality we are all mutts and she had stated that as well. How your getting rape and things like that are out of bounds since she never even brings it up except as Tina said on Chelsea when Selena was on and asked hem both. so she couldn’t claim 100% so she siad sorta. Give her a break on that one because she has some Latina blood in her even if it’s not the majority. It’s great that she is proud of her many blood lines since that is what makes her looks unique.

  • katalina

    her dad being half native american is as real as gwyneth paltrow being half black… i mean have you seen her dad? that is not how half native people look.
    adrian grenier has 8% native ancestry [ took a dna test ] even he looks more exotic than her dad

  • kelly martineau

    How dumb can she get. She needs a hobby. To keep her busy. Or big lips should knock her up. Start having kids that ewill keep her busy.

  • tina

    @katalina: One of the first things you learn in Human Resources is you can’t tell what ethnicity a person is by looks. I know a guy with straight hair pale skin and blue eyes,and he his black as in both parents are black not mixed. Only someone who knows nothing would make such an asinine statement. Looks mean nothing.

  • quinten

    1. @Tina Europeans are the Spanish. Read!
    2. She is not considered Spanish.
    3. If ur black u dont say Im white.
    4. She never, never, never says shes what she is Phillipina!!!
    Shes disingenuous, and tries to be anything but herself.
    No one asked are u a little bit of something. These are all twenties bopper fans w no education. Twisting words to make it appear as if one person said one thing not the other because she is wrong. The lackees posting for her are helpless. Stick to topic. She is not proud of being phillipina!!!

  • tina

    @quinten: First you need an education that I don’t have the time or inclination to give you. You are a complete ignoramous who obviously knows nothing about this girl. When she made a PSA for the Phillipnes and a poster for UNICEF for the Phillipines that wasn’t enough for you? When she asked for donations to the Phillipines in lieu of birthday gifts that wasn’t enough for you? When she posts pictures with her friends with the tag “Pinoy power” that wasn’t enough for you? Well guess what she has nothing to prove to you who obviously know nothing about her. Don’t bother with an answer, I don’t have the time to interpert what you’re trying to say.

  • amy

    @tina or @her team I should say. Yes, when asked as she was she did it. Would she if they didn’t ask her? I think not. Why ignoramus then does she not say publicly, without being paid that she is Phillipina? U need to not spend time w me…Im good…but ur client needs ur help getting educated. If ur coaching her she needs a new rep.

    Good day.