'Ravenswood' Cast Reacts To Show Cancellation

'Ravenswood' Cast Reacts To Show Cancellation

It came as quite a shock that Ravenswood was cancelled over the weekend — especially to the cast.

Stars Tyler Blackburn, Nicole Anderson, Brett Dier, Merritt Patterson, Britne Oldford and creator I. Marlene King all tweeted their thoughts after the announcement had been made.

“Adieu, Ravenswood. Endless gratitude to all of you who supported us along the way. It was a fun ride! Now onto the next,” Nicole, who played Miranda, shared.

Tyler added, “Thanks for all of your supportive tweets! Onward and upwards. You never know when you’ll see me on screen again.”

Merritt, who starred as Olivia, wrote, “RIP #Ravenswood An amazing experience shared with wonderful ppl!Grateful 4 the opportunity! Thx 4 all the support!”

“Yes. The news is true about @RavenswoodABCF, i had such an amazing time and experience. Thank you all. I love you,” Brett, who played Luke, tweeted. He added later, “Feel so grateful to have such amazing adoring fans. Your support is incredible. I love you all! #sparesomechange? #unemployed.”

HOW DO YOU FEEL about Ravenswood being cancelled?

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  • Stew

    It SUCKS that it got cancelled! REALLY SUCKS

  • Lisa
  • http://Www.stace1188.com stacy
  • http://Www.stace1188.com stacy

    think the haleb fans are a bunch of whining cry baby’s. Their only concern was haleb and not wanting Miranda to get in the way. They never gave the show a chance and I find it rude disappointing how their rubbing it our face how it was cancelled. Alot of us #Raveswooders actually liked this show and were really upset it was cancelled we don’t need haleb fans being rude idiots to us. I want to say this though, #Ravenswood has alot of fans and we are determined to get our show back on the air. It deserves an actual change to prove it can be really successful. Check out my petition at change.org. Bring back Ravenswood. Or check out my page save Ravenswood the link is on there as well as the Ravenswood main page. #Ravenswoodersunite

  • http://Www.stace1188.com stacy
  • Kat

    I didn’t even watch the show, but canceling it out of nowhere seems kind of harsh and random.

  • Jessica Saint-felic

    Ooh no I love the show. Please put it back on tv

  • bradley

    I REALLY WANTED TO LIKE RAVENSWOOD. I watched every episode.. but it just wasn’t good. It wasn’t exciting, and after about 10 episodes, I still didn’t care about “the curse” or the characters. I really tried. Sort of sad that it’s going away, but I’m not surprised.

  • justmichelle

    WHY!?!?!?! I loved this show. #bringbackravenswood you have to atleast finish the story line! Leaving us ravenswood fans wanting more.

  • Stacy
  • Gean

    It really sucks but as long as Caleb and maybe Miranda go back to Pretty Little Liars I’m happy. Still it sucks, I always thought Caleb’s character deserved more screentime and even his own show :(

  • kyle

    seriously? This show was so much more entertaining to watch than PLL is these days…

  • Ashley P.

    It just got good! And left us with so many questions! :(

  • Kathleen T.

    Omg! It feels like the lying games all over again! Why would ABC do this??!! I loved Ravenswood!

  • Kaya

    @stacy: No need to be so harsh, Stacey. There were actually lots of Haleb fans who were also a Ravenswood fans. Haleb gave Caleb a lot of fans which generated most of Ravenswood’s viewing figures. Next time, think about what you’re saying before you go slacking people off. Oh, and learn to spell.

  • Kelly


    It would be cool if your petition ended up making ABC Family reconsider their decision to cancel Ravenswood but somehow I don’t see that happening unfortunately. ABC Family has a habit of cancelling good shows & not listening to their loyal viewers, The Lying Game and now Ravenswood are perfect examples of this. Also the worst is when the show gets cancelled after ending on a cliffhanger, I HATE when that happens :s

  • Kelly

    @Kathleen T.:

    I know, I HATED when The Lying Game got cancelled, I was so disappointed when I heard the news cause it was such a good show, we never even got a proper send-off for it either with the season finale ending on a cliffhanger :s I really think ABC Family needs to start listening to their viewers alot more otherwise they’re gonna start losing them!!!!

  • stacy

    @Kaya I’m being harsh have you seen what the Majority of the haleb fans post about Ravenswood its worse and cruder then what I said. I mean wow I stick up for my show I get slapped oh please. As for your pointing out my spelling, did it ever cross your mind that my phone changed the words. I could call u a name that rhymes with witch but I’m too classy for that. As for the haleb fans being the only reason for Ravenswood ratings I doubt they were the only reason in fact if their wasn’t ever haleb maybe the show would still be on the air. Either way I will continue to fight for my show and speak my mind. Because I honestly think if it wasn’t for the majority of haleb fans whining about Ravenswood it would still be on the air. As for the haleb fans that love Ravenswood and didn’t want to see it go and didn’t whine. I commended you for giving it a chance thank u.

  • stacy

    @Kelly I agree that it would be cool if my petition did make it to abcfamily. And trust me that’s what I am hoping for. I have tins of ideas to help save Ravenswood and I hope they successfully work. I wont be angry if I don’t succeed because I would have known i tried and stood for what i believed in.

  • stacy
  • twisss

    You must have mentality equivalent to a grandma’s libido if you thought this show was anywhere NEAR entertaining. It made no sense. Boring “who” type cast members. It was just so freaking boring. Good call for them to put it out of it’s misery. You want to know genes of good show. Watch “The fall” “The Walking Dead” – quit watching baby shows on ABC fam.

  • Lizzie

    How about we leave all the original storylines (like where did this whole magical curse thing and horror movie references come from?) to Ravenswood and keep it on TV and leave the ACTUAL pretty little liar storylines from the books on the tv show? I mean, I’ve been a fan of the books for at least 6 years and those stories (which are pretty juicy and good themselves) haven’t even been played out yet and PLL’s been on the air for so long… I love Caleb (and Tyler of course) and the added elements are good but they just don’t belong with PLL. PLL isn’t about just murder and the girls being constantly scared 24/7 and the same things happening over and over again, and I feel like the writers have forgotten that. I love the PLL cast and think they’re perfect for the roles and have since the day I heard they were cast and was so excited to see one of my favorite stories come to life. It’s just too bad I still haven’t gotten to see that actually happen… I even love the crew and think they’re mostly geniuses but just would like it if they’d respect the books some more. It’s fine mixing new things in there but it’s come to a whole different level now. It’s basically a whole other story. The girls just have the same names and the title’s the same, that’s it. And that’s a shame so I believe that they should stop focusing on the commercial success of the series and start focusing on the story again (and explore more with the characters instead of the same thing happening over and over, including them being matched up with the wrong chemistry, and mix in things that actually happen in the books for God’s sake). I still support the show because I believe those stories deserve to be brought to life and all the praise and excitement they’ve received (which I was kind of surprised at first but still thrilled), hell I even have been on the set before and was excited beyond belief! But I just would like to see them just try at least some of the stuff in the books because they’re brilliant ideas just as well. How do you think they generated enough buzz to get a tv show in the first place?! So I think they should just sort it out on whether they want to create a new show (which is what PLL currently looks like including all that Ravenswood stuff) or actually stick with the original story and have it progress instead of just prolonged. That way the new show can be Ravenswood and put back on the air but spiced up or whatever and they can focus on bringing PLL back into control. I can’t even really get throuhg a whole episode without getting bored anyways… But hey, that’s just my opinion. They had a smart business plan at first (commercial, turns into many seasons, then a movie) but I think when you get too caught up into all of that you forget why it started in the first place: because of the story and it just lost control and was/in just going on in no direction in particular. I’m a storyteller and filmmaker and just believe that’s not the right way at all and am really passionate about that. They’re seeming to be more businesspeople than actual storytellers.

  • Julia

    i love them :( isn’t right!
    Now I just hope for my haleb

  • gaby

    No!!! They should cancel the show it was really good. Maybe show it on a diff channel so it wont be as spooky 4 the lil ones but I love the show it was great. They should have the dvd out already ugh im so mad

  • a

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PETITION IT GUYS LET THEM HEAR US! AND BRING THE SHOW BACK! HERE’S THE SITE http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-abc-familys-ravenswood.html

  • a

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PETITION IT GUYS LET THEM HEAR US! AND BRING THE SHOW BACK! HERE’S THE SITE http://www.change.org/petitions/abc-family-bring-back-ravenswood-ravenswooders?recruiter=56622123&utm_campaign=twitter_link&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition

    this seems more legit

  • Taylor

    Im sorry to say that I was not a fan of Ravenswood I couldn’t get into it but I know how this feels Cuz I absolutely loved the lying game and a little more than PLL but they cancelled gots why? No idea it was great sandwhich Twisted is like ehh to confusing now and PLL should stick more to the book series I absolutely hated that Ali was alive since the black and white episode I’m into it again but I really loved the twin theory but I know it wouldn’t be a surprise but that made more sense a sibling scorned not some bullied Mona or stalker book writing Ezra so where this show may go who knows it could be canceled next

  • Taylor

    I need to totally proof read my comments lol enjoy the laugh

  • http://@Shawnta_Claus Shawn

    I thought I was the only one! Like I really tried to like the show, and I had watched it continuously up until it came back the beginning of the year, but honestly I was forcing myself to watch it as well. The plot was just dragging and kinda bland. I do wish for Tyler Blackburn to come back to Rosewood though, I think he was screwed over the most out of the Ravenswood cast.

  • Larissa

    THEY NEED TO BRING IT BACK!!! I love Raveswood! Why did they even cancel it in the first place??? #Ravenswood #BringRavenswoodBack

  • CC


    Girl, you need to chill. I am a big fan of PLL and I started watching Ravenswood because of that. However, like a lot of other PLL fans out there, I couldn’t get into it. The show was simply bad. I actually liked the thought of Caleb and Miranda being together; they make a way better couple in my opinion, so it’s not being a Haleb fan that made me not like the show.
    It was just too much. Even PLL pushes the limits of reality – there is no way all this A crap would be happening in real life – but it’s somewhat believable or it would have been cancelled long ago. Ravenswood wasn’t really believable at all.
    You need to accept that there are people out there with different tastes than you – whether it be taste in shows or couples. Obviously there were enough people who didn’t like the show, for whatever reason, that it was cancelled. I’m sorry that you enjoyed it and will miss it; I know exactly how that feels. But that’s the way things are. You’ll find plenty of other shows that you enjoy in the future.


  • justin

    Y cancelled a good show? They need to get rid of all these crappy show on tv.

  • Debbie

    So sorry Ravenswood was cx’d! I truly enjoyed watching this series! I had it set on my DVR to record every episode! Hope one of these days it comes back on!!

  • http://@Magoogan228 megan

    @Kelly: i agree. They keep canceling shows i really like. The lying game, Jane by Design, now Ravenswood. Wth?

  • miranda

    i knew either twisted or ravenswood was going to get cancelled i will miss this show soo bad bring it back!!!! it was soo good

  • Tiph

    this is really unfortunate. I feel like they didn’t even give the show a chance. seriously wth. you couldn’t have let them at least finish a season??? how are you supposed to judge the series on a few episodes?? ratings take time to go up. it takes time to spread the word and create a following. signed: bummed out butt.

  • Trace

    They really shouldn’t cancel the show.. It was really good..
    Give it ore time!! :(
    I watched it more than PLL plus they didn’t even finish the story.
    That’s so apathetic of them :( no offense…
    But seriously? we watched all the episodes and we would really appreciate answers to like the ton of questions you left hanging…

  • Jeanne

    Bring back Ravenswood! You left us hanging the shop was good.

  • imani


  • imani

    I liked this show.i never watched Pll but i was into Ravenswoid from the start! they didn’t give this show a chance to get established.like it’s been mentioned the schedule was all over the place.just as I was getting into it, they’d skip weeks here & there and then they went on hiatus after like 5 episodes!who does that on a new show? Only bc i was into it i kept up with its winter premiere. They jerk around the audience before they establish the characters and expect viewership to NOT suffer? The execs should start smoking crack if these are the decisions they make when they are sober! Either you invest in the spin-off or dont bother! I dont have time for games! Same with Twisted..i love that show but they were all over the place too! I kept up with their schezophrenic schedule in spite of ABCF execs attempts to shake me off! Are they going to axe it too? I’m so over ABCF AS soon as they don’t see big dollar signs, they jump ship.its called INVESTING! Not every show is a hit right out the gate Especially when you sabotage it’s time slot, don’t market the show or its cast very well & ride on the coattails of PLL…such lazy execs! im switching to The CW!

  • http://roberteswtick_95 robert

    You know,the shows that deserves cancelling they don’t cancel,I mean people,if you don’t/didn’t like ravenswood,why comment?why even care if it got cancelled?This was an amazing show and I felt very very sad to see it ripped away from us fans just like that,I know I’m commenting late but is only now I found this page,I’m currently watching PLL,I actually watched ravenswood 1st,I glanced at PLL once or twice b4,never knew it was so great,but my point is,this was wrong ABC,what you did sucked,this network gonna loose viewers due to this crap,and as for the haleb fans,miranda and caleb would have been better together if the series cancelling jerks didn’t cancel the show,and as for the fool who watched 10 episodes to realise he didn’t like it……….I mean,hello,u watched a whole season to realise u didn’t like it,your processing low my friend,

  • Led

    Is ABC family ever going to finish a tv show? because it seem like it is cancelling all of them at one point.