Jennette McCurdy Skips KCAs 2014; Says She Was Treated 'Unfairly'

Jennette McCurdy Skips KCAs 2014; Says She Was Treated 'Unfairly'

The 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards was buzzing with tons of young Hollywood stars, but Jennette McCurdy was noticeably absent from the carpet and show.

“A lot of you guys are asking why I didn’t attend the KCAs…. I wish I could explain everything as thoroughly as I would like to, but unfortunately a simpler explanation is all I can write. I was put in an uncomfortable, compromising, unfair situation (many of you have guessed what it is) and I had to look out for me,” the 21-year-old actress wrote on Twitter.

She continued, “I chose to not go because sticking up for what is right and what is fair is what my mom taught me is ALWAYS the most important thing. I want to thank those of you who have reached out with kind words of support, McCurdians and Arianators alike. No matter who or what you support, I believe in supporting fairness first. If you have done that, thank you.”

Jennette added later on to questioning fans, “It has to do with how nickelodeon treated me. That’s all. Thanks for the love. <3"

WHAT DO YOU THINK happened between Jennette and Nickelodeon?

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  • Maria

    I don’t know what happened but I really feel bad for Jennette. She took private pics that were meant for someone and it’s not like was completely nakid in them. She was showing as much as if she was in a swimsuit at the beach or pool instead it was lingerie. Now if she was nakid in revealing and sexual poses that would be different. But she wasn’t. I think people should give her a break. She is 21 by the way. And that’s when she took the pics. She’s not a kid or teenager like her character. In the Jennette vs. Nickelodeon ‘fight’ I’m on Team Jennette!


    I feel so bad for girls who are constantly shamed when pics or videos are released to the public without their permission. What they do with their boyfriends is nobody’s business. The only people that should be shamed are the men who leak these very personal materials. Sometimes it’s their partner himself, sometimes a hacker and sometimes a buddy of their partners. We need stricter laws in place to punish these pervs.

  • bia

    I think it’s because disney channel and nickelodeon doesn’t like when their “kids” do “adult things”.

  • Sarah

    I give my support to anyone in that situation but I would so like to slap whoever leaked the pic or whatever it was.

  • Len

    I believe that Jeanette is being treated unfairly due to someone else’s greed and lack of integrity. Jeanette I support you all the way and hope that all works out for you. Keep your head up!

    <<Perv I hope you get what is coming to you.

  • Shelly De Ruiter

    Jannette awww it’s a pity that you were not there, but I think you’ve won, huh?! mara I’m not sure I think so

  • Shelly De Ruiter

    Ik hoop het
    Jullie zijn geweldig jannette
    Met Sam & Cat????

  • Dave

    I wish Nick would treat me so bad. Geez. Jennette has really tanked the past couple of years. She’s not as cute as she used to be, and she wasn’t really that cute to begin with. Ariana has been carrying that show all by herself meanwhile Jennette takes home a big wad of cash every episode.

    Yeah, Nick. Treat me the way you treat her.

  • Ashley

    It’s because of her half nude photo that leaked. So sorry for her. It was for a boyfriend. not the whole world! poor thing.

  • Flychick86

    Wow. Yeah, I noticed when Sam & Cat won for “Favorite TV Show” that Jennette wasn’t there. I said “Jennette’s not there.”

  • #noh8

    I don’t think its because she was treated “unfairly”
    No hate on Jennette but I think its just because she did not win “favorite movie actress”. I mean, I don’t know that for sure so I can’t say anything but I think that might be correct. Maybe its bc Bc Nickelodeon speed the pics, idk

  • joblo

    Very unprofessional to air your grievances against your employer in public. She did it before with her record company and guess what: no more record contract. Just sayin’.

  • Kayla

    What happened between her and Ariana? I hear there was some sort of fallout?


    This is so sad, I feel so sorry for Jennette but she had to be more careful. Now adays all the taking pictures naked/ half naked are always leaked online. Remeber Vanessa Hudgens. Whoever the perv is that did this chiz is a total loser and karma will come back to you.

  • Dan w

    I feel sorry for Jennette, she did something that normal people do her age and she’s suffering because she’s in the public eye and because she’s on kids tv. She’s 21 people need to get over it and cut her some slack. But it is great to see her fans still sticking by her as I will continue to do. The sad thing is nobody likes to see chld actresses grow up.

  • Mia

    What EXACTLY did Nickelodeon do to offend her? Last I checked she is still employed by them, receiving what I imagine to be a very generous, steady paycheck. I’m thinking whatever happened took place privately. If so, why is she making it public? It’s because of Nickelodeon she still has a career, after iCarly she could have gone into obscurity. I’m not defending one side or the other, I just don’t think she needed to crap on her employers like that, regarding what I assume is a private matter.

  • John

    Celebrities these days….I don’t know why she’s fanning the drama flames again, probably just to get more of the media’s attention. She already accomplished that with the “unintentional” release of her lingerie photos. Seriously, I can’t believe she was that naive to send such photos to someone who she barely dated a week, not to mention strung along and then publicly made fun of him over a podcast, how crude. I agree with whoever said on here about how she complained about Capitol Nashville during her brief “country music” career and then subsequently lost her contract with them. Sure sounds like to me that this is how she plans to end her contract with Nickelodeon as well. Very childish and immature. She should be grateful for the hefty paycheck she receives day in and day out, but instead is yet again publicly whining about her dilemma like a 9 year old about how bad everyone over at Nick is. News flash….not everyone is cut out for this sort of thing, Jennette. Her and Ariana should’ve really moved on like Miranda, Nathan and crew, but I suppose Nick had planned to set her and Ariana up for a longer contract since Miranda had at least been with Nick since Drake & Josh. Lastly, after purposely skipping this year’s KCA’s while publicly blasting her employer and then “un-friending” her BFF Ariana on all social media accounts, Nickelodeon should just come out and say that Sam & Cat will not see another season as I believe the show to be the worst series that Dan Schneider has ever created. To me, you can always tell when a producer or creator of a show is running out of original ideas when he/she starts recycling characters from their older shows, not to mention when “specials” of the new series consist of using more characters from their older series and billing them as a “cameo” appearance. If Sam & Cat still survives after all of this is said and done, I’ll be really surprised.

  • rEALLY

    In this day and age if she took half naked pictures and someone put them online she only has herself to blame. Everyone knows that once it is in cyber space it can get out

  • midnightstar

    I think Jennette should have the right to have Sympathy from others. it really hurts when something like that happens ESPECIALY if it was for someone else and not the entire world! who ever the perv was should make sure that he/she dosnt do it again because its like the saying says ‘what goes around comes around’ he/she did this to an innocent person who probably did nothing wrong to him/her but when the time comes something like that might happen and when the perfect time comes BAM! something Embarrassing will be all over the global internet and he/she or whoever was the perv will be just as embarrassed as Jennette feels right now. its not your fult Jennette don’t go blaming yourself for something you didn’t do

    Go Team- Jennette! <3

  • Tom

    I’m disappointed in you, McCurdy. Are you really trying to limit your career and fade into oblivion like other less known child stars? You’ve successfully shamed and cheesed off more people than you can count at your current place of employment (on a public basis) and made them even more mad by intentionally skipping out on the KCAs, even when you knew that you were required to be there as part of a tribute to Dan’s past shows (kind of a slap in the face to Dan as well), while also threatening the once strong relationship you had with Ariana Grande by un-following her on all of your social media accounts. You may call yourself an adult due to your age, but this kind of behavior is nowhere near that. Instead of publicly whining to everybody about your troubles, you should’ve handled this the mature way by keeping it under wraps. Nobody outside of Nickelodeon should need to know about this and it was wrong of you to do so. This may be hard for some of you celebrities to understand due to the insane amount of money you make, but there are other less fortunate people out there today that are lucky if they even have bread on the table thanks to our current government and only dream of being employed by the biggest names out there today. Regardless of how well you get along with Nick’s management, you should at least be grateful to Dan and the crew for the large paycheck you receive each day you report to work. By bashing Nick, you are also implying that you are upset with Dan as well. If so, what a shame considering he really gave you the exposure you needed to be loved by so many people in this world (or at least did until this nonsense started up again). After all that has been said and done, I now fear that Sam & Cat will see its final curtain after just one season. So keep this behavior up and watch how fast other companies will refuse to work with you because of your past antics. Immaturity will only get you so far. Entering into adulthood, if executed the right way, will lead you to endless opportunities.

  • Jaybird1103

    Dan Schneider got the Nickelodeon KCA Lifetime Achievement Award, yet the products from his Schneider’s Bakery production company have been getting stale and even moldy. On one hand, I blame Jennette on her behavior which cost her the Capitol recording contract and now has her with odds with Nickelodeon, which is cracking the whip on unprofessional behavior on its stars that the Disney Channel should have done with Raven-Symone and Miley Cyrus. On the other hand, with the exception of Kenan Thompson, none of the Nick stars have had any real success. Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant, causing Zoey 101 to be cancelled, Amanda Bynes is now practically a nutcase, Drake Bell was in a car wreck a few years ago and is now bankrupt, and now Jennette’s in hot water over pictures leaked by her ex-boyfriend. Is Dan singling her out because she acted inappropriately, or could it be because of Dan refusing to accept her apology that she is lashing out against her and that she thinks that Sam and Cat is stupid, or could it be religious bias (Schneider is Jewish, McCurdy Latter Day Saint)? Also, not all of the Nick Stars from the Schneider shows from the past were on the stage (ex. Liz Gillies from VicTORIous) at the KCAs. The only good shows Dan ever made for Nick were iCarly and VicTORIous, which I thought was his best, yet it was cancelled too soon. The rest of them make Breadwinners and Sanjay & Craig look like Shakespearean plays. If you multiply Sam, Cat, Deuce, and Goomer times 1,000,000, they will never be as funny as SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Co., and those residents from Bikini Bottom are cartoons! Jennette may be wrong for her attitude, but Dan Schneider of Memphis, TN is more wrong, and besides the KCA award for lifetime achievement, the only other thing he should get is, to quote Mr. Krabs, “A KICK IN THE CAPTAIN’S QUARTERS”!

  • crystal

    I keep hearing that Nick rigged the voting and Jennette had won but because of everything that happened they gave it to Ari

  • johnson

    pretty sure it was because of the pics. pics got shown. scandal was made. Viacom executives got mad. yelled at her. she got mad. did not go

  • axel100

    There doesn’t seem to be much on line about her losing the Capital Records deal. Most just states that she left to focus on her work. Where did you hear otherwise?

  • Katrina

    Go girl! Never let these people treat you bad. I read the show has been losing more and more of their audience and it was the lowest rated so I wouldn’t feel bad at all if they were that rude. Maybe they would have better ratings if you and others were there other than the people like their host who no one cares about.

  • Robert

    I love how some of you people jump to defend McCurdy without knowing the hardcore facts. What is wrong with people today? Too obsessed with celebrities, social media, their smartphones, and trying to run people off the road to care. McCurdy can publicly whine about “unfair treatment” all she wants, I don’t care. However, it is not the right way to go about such a situation. I don’t care that she doesn’t like working on “Sam & Cat” because of some agenda that she has against her fellow employees or that it’s tanking in the ratings. I don’t care that she’s getting fed up with playing her character of “Sam.” I don’t care that she thinks she deserves a better paycheck. You’re a celebrity, you make A LOT MORE than the average hard working American citizen and should be grateful for what you’re making already. But instead, like a typical celebrity, you’re stomping your feet and whining about it like a baby. I don’t care about your Gucci, Rebecca BonBon, Outfit of the Day, or Cirque Du Soleil garbage that you keep pushing on your fans, all of which you were probably paid to put a shameless plug out there to your fans in the first place. Oh and I really didn’t care when you publicly trashed Andre Drummond after dating him for a week and then kicking him to the curb like that. McCurdy, you got what you deserved when those pictures leaked and now you have to live with that mistake. I for one do not feel sorry for her one bit. She did it to herself and, like always, is going to her “support system” (her fans) for sympathy! As if her own family can’t help her out of this situation (or does she have an axe to grind with them as well)? Give me a freakin’ break!

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