Who's Really Going To Win 'DWTS' Season 18?

Who's Really Going To Win 'DWTS' Season 18?
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  • http://Twitter Kathy

    It is a possiblility that Maks could win although it is always tough to beat Derek seems like 2nd place is tike winning. Even though Maks has a talented partner in Meryl and are receiving top scores it always comes down to fan voting we saw that last season. Derek is driven to be a part of making Amy’s dreams come true. So look out Derek and Amy are only a few points behind and Derek always gets better as the season goes on. You can’t forget that he has a huge fan base,.right or wrong people vote for Derek regardless of who his partner is just because they want to see his amazing talents until the end.

  • Vsevolod

    Maks doesn’t deserve to win. His choreography sucks and he looks like an old man next to Meryl. She would have been better matched with Mark. I can’t even stand to watch the show anymore. Erin’s grating voice and Maks’ attitude ruined it for me.

  • jenna

    @Vsevolod: That’s clearly your opinion and to be frank, it’s not that clever. Maks has had that “attitude” all along. I guess you should stop watching it when you consider his choreography from the swing dance & last week to suck. I really don’t care for who wins. There have been many times that the wrong person has won because of fan base and such. I mean, I’m sorry, but Cody Simpson would not last the show after week 3 if he didn’t have 6 million fans. I enjoy watching Meryl and Maks, Amy & Derek, Danica & Val, Sharna and Charlie. They all deserve to win but it’s not about the winning. I watch it because of the beautiful dances that are produced each week, as a dancer should, and as a regular viewer should too.

    I find Erin to be hilarious. She’s being paid lots of money, they all are, and people are just hiding behind their stupid, little cellphones and computers spreading hate. It’s so lame. Enjoy the damn show.

  • ROSS

    For me personally, I feel like it’s a 4 horse race: Charlie, Meryl, Amy and Danica. If it were up to me, I’d like to see Danica and Val take the title.

  • Chrysochant

    I’m over Maks and his rudeness. And I agree with @Vsevolod about his choreography: it all looks the same as if he’s stuck creatively. And, it’s all about him instead of his partner. Maks does have the bad-rude boy sexiness and a nice butt.

    Meryl is lovely and a beautiful dancer, but I don’t think it’s fair for these accomplished ballerinas and dancers to come in and win over the people who are learning almost from scratch. Yeah, slightly different movement, but the muscles and tendons are already developed as are the skills and talent. I’d rather see someone without ballet expertise win.

  • Sophia shore

    You have to laugh at the posts who complain about maks using the same steps. Evidently those folks don’t know ballroom dancing. International ballroom, as opposed to American style ballroom, has set steps. It’s like saying I don’t like a certain composer. He keeps using the same notes. After all there are only 88 keys on a piano. Which other keys do you want a composer to use. maks magic with the steps is how he puts them together. There is no doubt Derek is innovative and that is his talent. Maks’ talent is what he does, and his powerful dancing, within the restrictions of international ballroom. And don’t forget Meryl. She is an awesome dancer. And don’t tell me she has dance training. What was Nicole A and Kristi Y. No one complained about them being trained dancers.

    Go Maks and Meryl!!!!