'The Vampire Diaries' Exclusive Photos: Stefan & Elena Dream Up One Cozy Life Together!

'The Vampire Diaries' Exclusive Photos: Stefan & Elena Dream Up One Cozy Life Together!

For longtime fans of Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev), these past few seasons of The Vampire Diaries have been a bit rocky as she’s fallen deeper in love with his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

But in these new “Resident Evil” episode stills, given exclusively to JustJaredJr.com, Stelena shippers are given even the slightest sliver of hope as our favorite doppelgangers start dreaming about their destined life together. In a glimpse at that alternate reality, we see them kiss in what looks like cohabitating bliss.

Paul got behind the camera and directed this episode himself, which makes us all the more excited to see what else goes down in Mystic Falls, as the Travelers try to strengthen their hold over the supernatural town.

Elsewhere, Bonnie (Kat Graham) gets some advice about the Other Side from Grams (Jasmine Guy), Damon and Enzo (Michael Malarkey) bond over relationship woes, and the ever-entertaining trio of Matt (Zach Roerig), Tyler (Michael Trevino), and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) attempt to hinder the Travelers’ efforts.

Oh, and did we mention that Damon meets the all-powerful warlock Markos (Raffi Barsoumian)?!

The Vampire Diaries airs THURSDAY, April 17 @ 8PM on The CW!

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Photos: The CW
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Ella @ 10:29 am on 04/15/2014

This looks ridiculous. And Paul looks like 50 in those stills. Lmao

ANA @ 10:49 am on 04/15/2014

Awww Paul and Nina I loveeee them soooo much Their chemistry is so ******* beautiful

DAMON SUCKS @ 10:55 am on 04/15/2014

Shut up, Ella.

thayná @ 10:57 am on 04/15/2014


Tebeth @ 11:01 am on 04/15/2014

Wth!?? So all the “doppelgängers” are dead and now Stephen and Elena are being drawn back to each other!? Grr.. #hatestelena

tamara @ 11:04 am on 04/15/2014

I might have to start watching again lol

michelle @ 11:05 am on 04/15/2014

i so excited to watch this episode to support Paul. What an honor to direct an episode of your own series. i’m sure it will be beautifully done.

Lara @ 11:11 am on 04/15/2014

they are forced to have these dreams. they dont even want that :) no big deal. the real elena doesnt want to become a soccer mum anyway :P even the article says that Elena fell deeper in love with Damon than Stefan :))))

liz @ 11:21 am on 04/15/2014

i love this sooo much, i miss stelena

Chantara @ 11:29 am on 04/15/2014

Omg my otp looks so cute together!!! Cannot wait til thursday I can’t remember the last time I was actually excited to watch TVD since this all began again! Stelena!!!!!!!!

Kelly @ 11:42 am on 04/15/2014

Can’t stop laughing at how fake and forced Stelena is. LOL ????

Chrissy @ 11:44 am on 04/15/2014

The question was asked at PalyFest whether Nina and Ian will also get a chance to direct an episode in the future. Maybe at some point they will get their turn to sit in the directorial chair, most likely S6.

I love the fact that the article made a point of reinforcing the fact that Elena had fallen deeper in love with Damon. Just a clue that everything that takes place in the next episode is all fake, dreams placed in the minds of Stefan and Elena by Markos. This episode will be again about Elena being forced against her will into a situation that she really doesn’t want or has no control over it is her worst nightmare. Markos is pulling all the strings

winnie @ 12:32 pm on 04/15/2014

OMG Stelena!!!! Thanks so much for these amazing pics, made my day:D

ANA @ 3:57 pm on 04/15/2014

The show was all about stelena story but unfortunately the tvd writers ruined the storyline They want delena bc of ugly damon!!!! seriously I’ve lost all interest for this show I don’t like delena it’s totally fake !!!!!I will watch this show for incredible actors Paul and Nina !!!They are the best Others are trash

sana @ 4:45 pm on 04/15/2014

Nina’s hair are so beautiful, I love her so much ,she is really a beauty queen……

Kendall @ 5:09 pm on 04/15/2014

AHHHHHH! maybe i’ll actually start watching TVD again!! Stelena was the only reason I kept watching and since Elena and Damon started dating, the show has gotten so dull. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE STEFAN AND ELENA BACK TOGETHER!!!!

tvdfan @ 8:02 pm on 04/15/2014

Stelena is not forced. If they were forced how did elena fall in love with damon? Stefan and elena were drawn together but that’s it. It was their choice to fall in love. So yeah I’m happy about the upcoming episode because stelena is my OTP. It doesn’t matter that those scenes are just a dream. But it’s something that stelena could have had together. DErs have no purpose here. You’re just haters. Please go b***h somewhere else.

Yesenia Roman @ 10:18 pm on 04/15/2014

I love to see stefan and elena together,its how it should be they belong together,after all its how the show started,damon needs to find another love interest, and let elena and his brother be together, cant wait for episode 18,been waiting a long time for this…#teamstefan

connie @ 11:41 pm on 04/15/2014

I will start watching again if they are together and get rid of the loser Ian, ugh!!

Erin @ 12:13 am on 04/16/2014

Love Stelena. Damon and Elena are so whiny drama all the time or Ian is over-acting trying to be some sexy thing by sticking his shirtless chest out and arching his back all the time. It’s the most un-sexy thing he could do and yet he can’t stop. He’s aged faster since being on this show than he ever has in the past. Damon use to be my favorite character on the show and now he just nauseates me. Every time Elena puts a boo boo on his heart he goes off the deep end much like he was with Katherine in season 1. He’s transparent and annoying. Elena gets on my nerves sometimes too, but if she’s going to be with someone on the show, it should be with Stefan. They had original attraction and they’re meant to be, Damon just sired her.

SEEMPJEEEEE @ 1:58 am on 04/16/2014


Esther @ 6:43 am on 04/16/2014

Who cares? Stelena, Delena….
Klaroline. That’s all that matters.

TIANA WILLIAMS @ 12:01 pm on 04/16/2014


Really? then he really looks very good for someone who apparently looks fifty years old.. then lol

TIANA WILLIAMS @ 12:03 pm on 04/16/2014


But that doesn’t mean it won’t mess with her head at the end of it, which is where I think it is going with it… They have to start up the triangle again and this is the way they are going to do it..

TIANA WILLIAMS @ 12:04 pm on 04/16/2014


They were talking about from prior episodes not with the remaining of the episodes….

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