Debby Ryan Is Getting Married...on 'Jessie'!

Debby Ryan Is Getting Married...on 'Jessie'!

It’s official — Debby Ryan is tying the knot with Pierson Fode, on Jessie that is.

“Jessie is an adult, and we felt we could tackle this in a way that still feels appropriate for our audience,” Adam Bonnett, Disney Channel executive vice president of original programming shared with ABC News.

The 21-year-old TV nanny and her new love, 25-year-old Brooks (Fode), is very much a whirlwind romance as the couple is seen out on picnics in Central Park and on movie dates and in other such innocent moments.

“The way we deal with this romance is very pure Disney fairy tale,” Bonnett continued, and one with a surprise ending.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jessie and Brooks getting hitched?

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Krissy @ 9:00 pm on 04/16/2014

Terrible idea. What is Disney trying to show for these young adult girls? That just because they get a marriage proposal that they have to say “yes”? As much as I don’t condone young marriages, I feel that Jessie has a lot of growing up to do before she knows what true love is. She needs to figure herself out. Her career. Is acting really met for her. All of that.

Besides what does she know about this new love interest of hers anyways? Aside from the fact that he’s good looking and has good taste in woman? Nothing. Jessie has a bad history with men, so what makes the audience think she can pull this off?

Furthermore, after watching this show, it’s pretty obvious this show isn’t going anywhere if the main character gets married. What is going to happen with the kids? Who is going to be their nanny? What is in store for the kids future? What is in store for Jessie? Will she quit acting and live a different lifestyle far away from NY? Will her father/new family force her to come back home? Or better yet stop her from getting married? These are things the writers should be focused on besides making Jessie getting married. Either cancel the show or take the show in a different direction that is appropriate for kids, teens, and adults to watch. Cause it’s obvious the writers and creators of the show are taking this to account because the show isn’t going anywhere with the same childish antics.

amber @ 9:50 pm on 04/16/2014

I agree that this is a bad idea. What are the writers thinking? And I was kind of hoping they would revisit Tony. It’s Disney!!!

crystal @ 9:58 pm on 04/16/2014

?? Thats a terrible idea, I seriously thought it was a joke at first
Disney should just cancel this show :/

DAMIAN @ 10:22 pm on 04/16/2014

Omg What The Heck Is Going On Debby Ryan Is Getting Married to her pierson fode that is good for them god bless you damian ellis

javi @ 8:18 am on 04/17/2014

on paper its probably a good idea. they could do a spin off of that relationship instead of her being a nanny she could play a young wife. plus its disney they are not going to show anything sexualy. it would be like in the 50′s when husbands and wires slept in different beds. and there was no kissing in public.

Lily @ 9:00 am on 04/17/2014

No bad idea … Just cancel the show….i always thought they bring jessie and tony back together..

m @ 9:40 am on 04/17/2014

The end of that show.

Mina @ 9:45 am on 04/17/2014

Really? How many episodes have I missed that Jessie is getting married now.. And I had NO idea she was 22, she doesn’t really act that way. I’m 21 and thought she was max 19 or 20. What are they thinking? I really did like the show but haven’t been watching the recent episodes.

Sharon @ 10:09 am on 04/17/2014

I always felt that Disney was trying to give the ax to a lot of its semi older shows, so I’m definitely not surprised. They are trying to bring in the newer shows, which most of them suck anyway.

Abbie @ 2:52 pm on 04/17/2014

That sounds like a bad idea!

Karma @ 2:52 pm on 04/17/2014

Disney and their stupid ideas…

Connie @ 3:26 pm on 04/17/2014

@amber: I agree with Amber 100% !!! I wanted Tony and Jesse to get back together … Have Jesse marry Tony instead … this way Jesse can still work for the Ross’s while Tony still works as a door man or maybe Tony can have a better job doing something else !!!

angie @ 4:11 pm on 04/17/2014

what about tony

Erika @ 4:24 pm on 04/17/2014

Cute :)

Lisha :) @ 5:44 pm on 04/17/2014

honestly guys, it’s not really about the dress, or the wedding, it’s about them being young and making decisions, keep in mind Jessie (the character is 22, not saying that is old enough to get married). The viewers aren’t worrying about getting proposed too.

I honestly think that i will make a good story line and if the season 4 gets renewed, maybe we see Jessie admitting she was too young and decides too end it. I mean it’ll definitely be new. I mean they never said the marriage would last or that they will actually go through with it.

Maybe Jessie realizes she needs the kids or maybe the kids get old enough and don’t need a nanny.

(p.s. and I’m pretty sure half the people watching don’t watch or know people who watch the show anyway)

I guess the real problem is, not knowing how Disney will handle it, but come on guys it’s a kids network, they wont do too much.

Lisha :) @ 5:46 pm on 04/17/2014


I think it’s actually makes for a great story-line if handled well, she is 22. It teach kids about making wise choices and maybe it doesn’t last and Jessie learns a lesson :o

John @ 5:52 pm on 04/17/2014

You know, I was really hoping that this was just a late April Fools joke, but I agree with others on here. Just how many feathers is Disney planning to ruffle up over this? They’re going to have all sorts of “family” organizations all over them for this announcement. What a ludicrous move. Why don’t they just come out and say that they support young marriages, they might as well now. What’s next? Is someone from “Austin & Ally” going to get married as well? Who really watches these shows anyway besides 8-10 yr. old boys and girls? Quite a positive message for them all, Disney! I bet you’re going to have some real “happy” parents now!

rr @ 8:49 pm on 04/17/2014

I guess Tony the door man couldn’t ring her bells.

AMYDumasisqueen @ 9:25 pm on 04/17/2014

Then only thing I have a problem with is she probably won’t know him for a lone time if there are doing it in just a few episodes. Each season equal about one year which isn’t enough time to just get married. Other than that I don’t see there problem. If she is 22 and found her “love”, why can’t see can’t she get married?

brittany @ 10:30 pm on 04/17/2014

Has she known this new guy? I’ve not heard of him. If she got married I think it would be Tony. I would like to see what they do to make her fall so hard so fast.

Christie @ 6:39 pm on 04/18/2014

I think it’s a good idea to tackle a young adult topic. Disney has a habit of making child stars and keeping them in childrens roles that they have to live up to and then when they finally break from Disney or try to grow up outside of Disney they don’t handle the transition well because they have always been treated on screen as a child. Just look at Miley for all the proof you need of that. Way to go Disney for finally being responsible in how you treat your budding stars. It isn’t going to scar children to watch a young woman get engaged and eventually married. It happens in real life why not on a Disney show?

Alexandria @ 11:19 pm on 04/18/2014

@crystal: no they shouldn’t if you don’t like it tell them to change the idea or something not cancel the whole dreaming show. Goodness people I hate what the world has come to!

kaSSIDY @ 11:53 pm on 04/21/2014

No don’t do it!!!!!! what about college?

Kassidy @ 11:54 pm on 04/21/2014

sorry it messed up my name

Debby @ 8:58 pm on 04/22/2014

Guys calm down! I didn’t think it was a good idea either. I wanted to keep this show going how it’s going. Also I’m not going to play that role in that episode if it makes my viewers and fans upset. I love you guys and after you did so much to me I have to give you something back. Thanks for the comments and keep watching to find out what’s next!

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