The Dress REALLY is Blue & Black, Confirmed!

The Dress REALLY is Blue & Black, Confirmed!

There has been confirmation that the dress is INDEED blue and black, despite everyone who is seeing it as white and gold!

BuzzFeed tracked down the person who is responsible for making the photo spread around the internet and she revealed that it was blue and black in person, even though it looked different when photographed.

“We all went crazy trying to figure out why some people were seeing white and gold, and others saw blue and black,” Caitlin said.

“I showed my band…who were playing at the wedding with me, and we all fell out trying to decide what the problem was,” she said. “We almost didn’t make it on stage because we were so caught up discussing this dress.”

Caitlin confirmed that the dress is indeed BLUE AND BLACK and that the dress on Amazon is the real one.

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