Jennette McCurdy on Ariana Grande Feud: We Would Butt Heads in a Sisterly Way

Jennette McCurdy on Ariana Grande Feud: We Would Butt Heads in a Sisterly Way

Jennette McCurdy is opening up about her much-publicized feud with Ariana Grande.

The 22-year-old actress talked about her former Sam & Cat co-star and best friend while promoting her new Netflix show Between.

“I just feel that, you know Ariana and I were and are extremely close and very like-minded in a lot of different ways and then, sorta as the show dissolved, everybody wanted to find some sort of hidden meaning in our relationship,” Jennette told E! News. “Some like drama and I think we butted heads at times but in a very sisterly way. She knows me so well and I know her so well that I think it was unfortunate that things kind of got misconstrued.”

Jennette added, “There is certainly like a friend dynamic but then once you’re around that person for—I mean, Carly, Sam & Cat—once we didn’t have child labor laws we could work like 16 hours a day so you are around these people constantly and it’s just natural that you’re gonna have ups and downs. But you bond so much and you’re so close that you can’t go through that experience and…I can’t imagine a world where you would not come out extreme friends. I mean I have bonds with both Miranda Cosgrove and Ariana that are impenetrable.”

Also pictured below: Ariana meets with fans while leaving her hotel earlier this month in Chicago, Ill.

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  • Bianka?

    really ? but she made fun of Ari during her short web series. and you haven’t seen them hang out together so…

    • Joolz

      I never see any pics of them together either. I don’t think they do still talk.

      • Unknown

        They do, they just don’t put that out there for others to try to tear down.

    • Unknown

      You don’t see Ariana doing a lot of things with others, doesn’t mean they don’t happen. Some relationships need to be protected from prying eyes, just like some of the guys she may be dating. She doesn’t put that out there as much as she use to, cause the rumor mill loves to go in and tear it apart. Now their guard is up cause they see what happens when you share so much.

  • lillian

    that photo with the fan is so freaking weird……. Ariana face looks so photo shopped or something. but just weird

    • Joolz

      Yeah. Ariana’s face looks much darker than her arms/hands. That pic looks really fake.

      • Okay

        It’s real it was photograph in the grammys though

    • Elizabeth

      That one with the chick is definitely photo shopped. Look at her thighs, particularly her right one. I’ve never seen anyone’s leg look so choppy. ????????

  • Frankie

    I’d love to believe this because nothing is more troublesome than talented females tearing one another down in an arena already dominated by Men, but the proof is in the pudding.

    Jennette unfriended and unfollowed Ariana on all social media. Jennette made cryptic and leading remarks on social media right afterwards. Jennette had a character on her web series that was obviously based on Ariana. And then Ariana, when thanking people for their time on the show they did, completely left Jennette’s name out.

    They had been friends for long before they did the show, so for her to leave her name out is at least a LITTLE suspect.

    But….whatever, both are talented in their own right, and this petty stuff is pointless.