Julianne Hough Was Singing Grease's 'Hopelessly Devoted To You' At Five Years Old

Julianne Hough Was Singing Grease's 'Hopelessly Devoted To You' At Five Years Old

Julianne Hough jumps high in the air in this shot from the July/August 2015 issue of Women’s Health magazine.

The 26-year-old Dancing With The Stars judge opened up about date nights with boyfriend Brooks Laich, her brother Derek and taking on the role of Sandy in Grease Live. Check it:

On a typical date night with her boyfriend: “Our date nights are usually at home, but we can have a date anywhere. We love going on day dates or staying in and having a date. He wants to dance so bad and literally wants me to teach him every single day so while we’re cooking in the kitchen we’ll be dancing around with music playing. I have an obsession with table decorations so I always have placemats and a candle lit and flowers just to make the mood like a date. And then we’ll have dinner and just chill—sometimes we’ll watch a movie or keep dancing. We make our own dates; we don’t have to go somewhere to have a date night.”

On her relationship with her brother and handling fame: “I’m so lucky that I get to do what I do—this is my passion. I feel like I don’t work a day in my life and I get to have fun with what I do, and you know there’s perks that come with it and then there’s things that come with it that aren’t so great. I feel like it’s all relative and if you just stay grounded and have great people around you there’s nothing better than being able to go home at night and cook and watch TV in your sweats and then get all dolled up the next day and it’s so fun. Being able to turn it on and turn it off I think is really healthy. It is my job and it is my passion but I get to just come home and just chill and be me. I think my brother being in the industry we help each other out with that and we’ll have dinner together or watch Game of Thrones together.”

On her feelings about Grease and playing Sandy: “I’m literally floored, the fact that I get to play Sandy in Grease, live, are the things that made me want to be a performer to begin with. That was one of the first movies that I ever saw that I thought ‘Oh my gosh you can actually do all three of the things that I love to do and make a movie!?’ I feel extremely blessed and extremely honored, but also nervous, really nervous, because it’s the live aspect and you don’t want to mess up and also just stepping into somebody’s shoes, Olivia Newton John. It’s pretty nerve-racking, but at the same time, I try to think of how awesome it is that I get to do that rather than ‘Uh-oh, I hope I don’t mess up’ because then I’ll just go down a downward spiral that I’ve created. I knew all the dances, I knew all the music, I mean ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ at five years old I was singing that. I didn’t know what it meant. Have you heard ‘Go Grease Lighting? Those are some dirty lyrics and I just realized that this year when I was reading with some of the Danny’s and I was like ‘What are you saying?!’”

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