Scream's Willa Fitzgerald 'Freaked Out' the First Time She Saw the Mask on Set!

Scream's Willa Fitzgerald 'Freaked Out' the First Time She Saw the Mask on Set!

Check out this new JJJ interview with Scream‘s Willa Fitzgerald!

She stars as “good girl” Emma, the peacemaker of her popular group. This might be due, at least in part, to Emma’s father walking out on her and her mother years ago.

It’s been a rough road back to normalcy, but Emma is resilient and always tries to look for the good in people — something the killer takes advantage of.

Willa gave us the scoop on what to expect from the show – and her best advice for watching it!

Scream premieres TONIGHT, June 30 @ 10PM on MTV! Tell us about Emma!

Willa Fitzgerald: Emma is a girl in a really uniquely terrifying situation. Not only is she going through all the drama of high school, but she is also having to deal with a psychotic killer who is stalking her and murdering her friends. It sounded like there would me more than just a few interesting things to deal with as an actor. That kind of psychic trauma is incredibly interesting to explore episode to episode.

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JJJ: Emma has an interesting friendship with Audrey. What can you tell us about that and how it develops amidst all these murders?

WF: Trauma and crisis tends to either bring people together or rip them apart. I think there is a little bit of both going on here for Emma and Audrey. As they try to renew their friendship, there are constant questions of trust and loyalty that are only heightened because of the crazy situation they are in.

JJJ: Emma’s mom has a personal connection to the killings. Does this make Audrey a suspect? How much does she know about her mom’s experience?

WF: The killer spends a lot of time trying to break Emma’s trust in the people closest to her, and her mom is no exception. In fact the killer seems dead set on opening Emma’s eyes to the secrets in her mother’s past. Because of this, Emma’s once perfect relationship with her mom will become increasingly fraught.

JJJ: Going into a show like this, is there always that fear that your character will get killed? Does that make it scary or exciting?

WF: It’s always scary and sad to think about the possibility of your character dying. But also I think a little bit of every actor wants the chance to die on-screen. The deaths on this show are so epic that it maybe makes up a little bit for the fact that your character is dying.

JJJ: Do you remember the first time you watched the film Scream?

WF: I absolutely loved it. I watched the other three within the same week.

JJJ: What was your reaction the first time you saw the Scream costume on set?

WF: I actually saw the person who plays our killer all dressed up on my way to set. They were waiting for the next take to start, and I didn’t actually realize that person was with us. It really freaked me out. I was like, “Who is this random creep in a black raincoat?” Then I saw them on set two seconds later and felt pretty silly. But for the record, it was 4am in the morning, so I was more than a little tired.

JJJ: The cast is really really great. Who would you say you are closest to?

WF: That would be like picking my favorite Jelly Bean. Too many favorites. We all basically live right next to each other so we are constantly hanging out, watching TV and eating together.

JJJ: What’s the best advice you’d give someone who frightens easily and is about to watch the premiere?

WF: If someone is about to go into a dark place or the creepy music starts to play, it’s probably time to shut your eyes. Tight.

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