Zendaya Picks Her Favorites From 2015 -- And They Include Rowan Blanchard!

Zendaya Picks Her Favorites From 2015 -- And They Include Rowan Blanchard!

Zendaya is looking back on her stellar 2015 with Rolling Stone mag.

The 19-year-old actress and singer picked out her favorite moments, music, movies and more in a new interview. Check it:

On TV: “I mean, Scandal. That’s a no-brainer. I’m just waiting for more episodes to come because I think this is a mid-season break or something, and I’m dying.”

On Rowan: “I just thought it was really cool to see young people stand up and be heard. I think with everything that has happened in the media in general, it was cool to see young people – like Rowan Blanchard who is such a smart young lady – just kind of not being afraid to talk about things and it shows how educated they are. You don’t have to be any age to be educated and understand the world and create a community and try and open up conversations. That kind of stuff is very cool to me.

On her career: “I would just say in general it’s just been a great year because I’ve been able to work on not only my career, but I’ve just been able to work on the human being I want to be and get to know myself. When you get to the age of 18, 19, you’re becoming an adult, and you learn a lot about yourself. I’d just say it’s been a good year in general. I’ve been able to travel a lot. Going to Africa was definitely a highlight for the year for me. I learned a lot about where I’m from and I thought that was beautiful. I got to hang out with the Mandelas, which is something a lot of people don’t get to say, and I got to do it for a good cause. I was very, very proud to be on that trip.”

On music: “This is the hardest question to answer [laughs]! I think the hard thing for me when it comes to music is I listen to a lot of old music all year round. But Ty Dolla $ign just came out with an a few weeks ago, and I think it was great.”

On her hopes in 2016: “I hope more young people become socially aware, especially with the election coming up. I’m glad that I’m an 18 year old now [sic], and it’s my chance to vote. I hope people my age and young people in general really don’t take that lightly because we have a say in our futures, especially when it comes to where we live and the world in general. I hope people takes it upon themselves, even if it’s boring to them, to watch a debate or go online and do some research. Find a cool site that lets you know what’s going on or watch the news every now and then.”

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