Witney Carson Will Fulfill a Dream for Disney Week - Read Her Week Four 'DWTS' Blog!

Witney Carson Will Fulfill a Dream for Disney Week - Read Her Week Four 'DWTS' Blog!

Every week, professional dancer Witney Carson will be writing a blog for JustJaredJr.com and sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes photos ahead of the Monday night episode of Dancing With the Stars.

For week four, Witney gushes over Disney Week with her “Prince Charming” partner, Denver Broncos football player Von Miller!

“This week is Disney week and it’s my favorite week of all time!” Witney writes. “If you know me, you know I’m a Disney girl! I’m really fulfilling my dreams this week and I will be playing Cinderella with Von as Prince Charming. The beginning of the week we didn’t have a lot of time, Von was traveling and had a lot of things to do! One thing I love about Von is he’s always 100 percent there at rehearsals. Always working hard when we do have time to rehearse!”

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“We took a quick trip to Houston, Texas to support Von‘s gym opening and practiced there. It was cool to see him do his thing and be a part of the community! He really does love giving back which I think is so important. In the rehearsal studio we worked on being the best swagged out Prince Charming. No sticking the tongue out, no farting, being poised and proper. Our progression this week has been incredible! I know the people will love seeing Von as Prince Charming. People will see him in a whole different light, it’s refreshing! Watch out America, Von is about to steal your hearts.”

- Witney

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  • Nicole

    What an amazing theme to get. I cant’ wait to see Von as a Prince and Wintey as Cinderella. Love #blondemiller

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