Get to Know Australian Pop Artist Katja With These 10 Fun Facts!

Get to Know Australian Pop Artist Katja With These 10 Fun Facts!

Let us introduce you to the super talented singer Katja!

The 19-year-old Aussie songstress is getting ready to release her brand new single and music video, “I Would Kill,” on Wednesday, April 27 on, so be sure to look out for that!

In the meantime, we caught up with Katja and she provided these 10 fun facts about herself:

1. I share the same birthday as Matthew Perry (Chandler from Friends). Our birthday is August 19! I one day hope to celebrate it with him! Because I think he would be the best person to share a birthday party with!

2. At the age of 11, I tipped the scales at 200lbs and was diagnosed as clinically obese! Elementary school is hard on most kids, but when you are overweight it can get a lot harder. I didn’t really have any friends and was teased A LOT! A boy used to punch me every morning for being a “Fat b-tch.” Yeah, that makes sense. I am now working with the Doctors Hospital who have made my song “Shooting Star” their #LiveYouHealthy campaign song to let other kids and adults out there know, it is possible to get healthy, and pursue your passion.

3. I am scared of things that have wings. Don’t get me wrong, I love birds, butterflies…As long as they stay still!

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I just have a phobia of things flapping around my head!

4. I am a Vegan. Not only did it help with getting healthy, but I love animals! I love working with charities that help save animals, like the Beagle Freedom Society that save Beagles from Laboritories all over the world and give them a home!

5. I am a DOG person. One of my sayings is “never trust a cat person” – sorry not sorry!

I have a beautiful Samoyed named Annika (who may or may not been named after a Star Trek character). She is my everything! Who needs a boyfriend when you have a dog?

6. I am a huge Star Trek nerd! And I don’t mean just the new Star Trek people! I am talking every series, every movie. And before you ask, my favorite series is Star Trek Voyager, I mean, Kate Mulgrew is the most badass captain there is! You might know her as “Red” from Orange is the New Black. Nope, she’s not Russian like you may think, she is an amazing theater-trained actress. That brings me to my next fact…

7. I love theater! Musical theater is where I began, I have a beautiful romance with Shakesphere. I just love the craft of acting, and Shakesphere is the best text to exercise that craft. “Twelfth Knight” is hands down my fave! Are you sensing some serious kick-ass female lead roles yet, peeps?

8. I am an unapologetic RPG gamer! Witcher 3 is the best game ever and I love getting lost in that magical, medieval world. I have played it through twice, and I am not going to lie, I am gonna start it again. It is probably the reason why I have no social or romantic life whatsoever. But that is totally my choice.

9. I used to have a phobia of singing in front of people. Yep, kinda stupid when your dream is to be a recording artist! But at school, I used to sing for myself. I was alone a lot, so music was my buddy. Then I really wanted to do it as a living. I literally have worked really hard to get over all my fears of singing in front of people. The trick is, you just need to get up on stage. The scariest thing is all the lead up. Once I am on stage, and connecting with music and people, I feel so at home. I love singing now, and making music videos, so I’m excited that my new single “I Would Kill” is coming out on April 29!

10. I still haven’t seen Frozen. Cos you know, that whole 100 million people have seen me play Elsa (laughs). So..what are you gonna do about it? Seriously everyone has seen it, and I don’t want to watch it alone.

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