Sabrina Carpenter Wants To Have Her Own Fashion Line One Day

Sabrina Carpenter Wants To Have Her Own Fashion Line One Day

Sabrina Carpenter looks like she was taken out of an Old Hollywood movie on the new cover of The 360 Magazine.

The 16-year-old actress and singer opened up about Girl Meets World, the language of music and more. Check it:

On Maya Hart: [She's] complex. She’s gone through a lot, but she is also such a loving human being. I think she is very confident in who she is, and she might hide some of the bad things she’s gone through in her life with her confidence and with her rebellious attitude, but that’s just what makes her who she is. She’s blunt and she’s to the point, and she really cares about people…[I've learned] some things about teenage feelings [through her] – being a teenager and all the things that come along with it. There’s something new every day. Especially in high school, you meet different kinds of people, and they change your point of view and you’re changing every five minutes, and it’s really something crazy.”

On her dream of her own fashion line: “It’s all part of the creativity process, which I love. And, as a young girl, I always love to draw, sketch, and make fashion sketches. Fashion is always changing and always growing, and always beating itself every single day. I would love to explore all the different areas of that.”

On music: “Music speaks for itself in the music so the lyrics are really just the icing on the cake and how you tell the story. We all have stories for reason, and if we keep them to ourselves, I don’t feel they would help anybody. There are a lot of things that people go through, and maybe they don’t know how to get through it, and maybe you do, and if you have some sort of knowledge or power, share with the world.”

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