Lethal Weapon's Dante Brown Used to Go Trick-or-Treating at Obama's House!

Lethal Weapon's Dante Brown Used to Go Trick-or-Treating at Obama's House!

Get to know the super talented Dante Brown!

The 16-year-old actor stars in the upcoming Fox series Lethal Weapon as Roger Jr, the son of Damon Wayans’ character, who is just coming back to his job in the LAPD after a near-fatal heart attack.

“Working on Lethal Weapon is like a box of unmarked chocolates…each day gets sweeter and more and more exciting!” Dante told JJJ. “It’s lit…figuratively and literally! (laughs).”

Dante also shared 10 fun facts about himself. Check it:

1. Music
I write, produce, and audio engineer rap songs that I upload to Soundclound and YouTube under the moniker DanteThePoet. For the most part, I’m self-taught with my musical ear. Earlier on, I worked with my mentor, Grammy Nominee Haskel Jackson for a short bit, but after he relocated his studio, I ventured off to really hone my skills by watching YouTube videos and experimenting with various sounds on my own, while getting further acquainted with Protools. I learned how to audio engineer my songs, as a result of going through The Grammy Foundation’s 10-day summer Grammy Camp. So now I am equipped to make all of my music in my closet, but I am always open for learning new skills, attending workshops etc. to make my music the best quality possible to share, in the hopes that it will speak to others going through situations like myself.

2. Pets
Since my 8th birthday, I’ve had a pet turtle that I named Lil T… well I had one but when we moved to California from Chicago, my Grandma kept it for me and has been taking care of him ever since, and let’s just say… Lil T is now Big T. I’ve been doing a bit of research for my next pet and I’d love to have a mini octopus for my room. They seem really cool… a short life span, but unique. I’m still checking things out, though, to see if this is what I want and would be conducive for my current schedule.

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3. Fears
I’m scared of cats! No not big cats, well yeah those too, but I’m talking about the little house cats. They’re scary to me because when I was much younger, about 7 or 8, a cat attacked me – it was my Aunt’s. I was getting paid to take care of it, and I guess that day, that cat was not trying to take a bath! hahaha

4. Fashion
I think my family and friends would say, I’m definitely a fashion guy. About three years ago, when my Mom saw that I was interested in fashion design, she signed me up to participate in an awesome program called, The Designer Kids. My fashion design teacher, the founder of the program, Mrs. Nicole Butler helped me take my fashion dreams from pen/paper to the runway! She taught me how to shop for fabric, create a pattern, sew, hold a model casting call and finally, presented my designs in a fashion show with a runway and everything. It was dope! I did that for like, two years, back to back, and then Mrs. Nicole relocated. Now, to keep fresh, I continue drawing all my designs in my book and look forward to rebooting my company. The clothing company I launched while going through Designer Kids was ShellBuster.com, but wait till you see my new designs… I can’t wait to make some casual, cool clothes for guys… stuff that feels good and looks good, no matter what… no effort.

I grew up wrestling – it was Olympic style and I wrestled with The Harvey Twisters, a phenomenal wrestling club, based in a suburb just south of Chicago. I was actually tough, too… even took 1st place nationally. I also love watching and playing basketball. I love being athletic, always have, so in middle school, I tried it all, football, volleyball, as well as track.

6. Sports teams
Of course, being a die-hard ChiTown boy, I’m a really big fan of the Chicago Bulls. I’m also a big fan of LeBron James. I’ve been a fan of the Bulls since I was born and a fan of Lebron’s since he was in high school… so eat that bandwagon fans. LOL

7. Movies
My favorite movie is Finding Nemo

8. School
I still go to a traditional brick and mortar school at the moment. It’s a lot to balance, having to be on set and still meet the school’s deadlines for assignments but when I’m not on set, I’d still much rather be in a traditional school environment more so than homeschool. I make the extra effort to keep my grades up and on track to pursue college, if I’m not working a show. I’ve been fortunate to have understanding teachers and schools that support my life goals. I’ve been in regular school all of my life and have never been homeschooled. Cool right? Knock on wood!

9. Pizza
Pizza is my favorite food. I don’t care what anyone says, Chicago deep dish is THE BEST PIZZA, EVER! I want to travel around the world and taste all the different styles and types of pizza. That would be… ummm, ummm good and cool!

10. Home
If you haven’t figured it out after all the above references LOL, I am from Chicago. I grew up there and we moved to California when I was going into 5th grade. I miss Chicago, my family and friends, but every chance we get or whenever we get a break, we head home. Unlike what most people would say, I love snow… the change of weather… the beautiful colors of fall, walking down Michigan Avenue or strolling through Hyde Park near The University of Chicago. So yes, home to me is Chicago. We lived on the south side, and from K-4th, I went to Murray Language Academy in Hyde Park – just a few blocks away from where the Obamas lived before heading into the White House. In fact, I used to go trick or treating at their house, when our now President was then Senator.

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