16 Of The Biggest Social Media Stars Reflect on Their 2016 Success

Alexis G. Zall

YouTube subscribers: 1.1 million
Twitter followers: 199K
Instagram followers: 469K

Biggest success of 2016: “My biggest success in 2016 would definitely be hitting one million subscribers on YouTube!”

Goals for 2017: “I have a lot of things I want to focus on in 2017 – outside of any career goals, I want to overall take better care of myself and focus on being as positive & kind to others as I can be.”

Favorite rising social media star right now: ” I am a big fan of my friend Colliscool – she makes incredible videos.”

Best advice for someone looking to succeed in the social media space: “MAKE CONTENT. People do not usually enjoy this answer, but if you’re interested in social media or creating videos, the most important thing to do is just make them. Work on finding ways to make each one better than the last & developing a unique voice.”

Favorite all-time social media platform: “My favorite social media would definitley be YouTube and Snapchat – YouTube has creatively no bounds & Snapchat is so raw and simple.”

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