16 Of The Biggest Social Media Stars Reflect on Their 2016 Success

Lauren Elizabeth

YouTube subscribers: 1.3 million
Twitter followers: 636K
Instagram followers: 1.1 million

Biggest success of 2016: “If I could only pick one thing I’d have to say my latest movie We Love You was definitely a huge success for me in 2016.”

Goals for 2017: “My goals for 2017 are to really focus on my YouTube channel again while continuing working as an actress. Balance is a huge resolution for me in 2017. We have so much going on and it’s easy to get caught up!”

Favorite rising social media star right now: “My current favorite rising social media star is Amanda Steele. She’s totally already risen but I just love that girl. She’s so unapologetically herself, has incredible style, and is a blast in real life. She’s not going anywhere only up.”

Best advice for someone looking to succeed in the social media space: “As cheesy as it sounds the best advice is to be yourself because it’s the only advantage you have over everyone else and people respond to genuine people. It’s also a lot more rewarding when you gain success from something that already makes you feel good.”

Favorite all-time social media platform: “My absolute favorite platform is Instagram! I’m such a visual person and all about aesthetic. I love taking photos and curating a lifestyle that’s worthy of sharing! Also the new Instagram live feature is a game changer.”

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