Justin Bieber Says His Favorite Song is "Starboy" & Then Bursts Out Laughing

Justin Bieber Says His Favorite Song is

Justin Bieber answers the fan question, “Favorite song at the moment?” on Instagram Live, and his answer is shocking!

The 22-year-old singer, who received four Grammy nominations but did not attend the 2017 Grammy Awards, instead went out to dinner and then hit Instagram Live.

Justin was with best friend and videographer Alfredo Flores when he jumped on IG Live and started answering questions.

“Favorite song at the moment? Umm,” Justin repeats the question and then pauses. “‘Starboy’ by The Weeknd.” And then breaks out in laughter.

See Justin Bieber’s Instagram Live and tell us what you think was going through JB’s head…

“Oh, s–t that was funny,” Alfredo can be heard saying, right before Justin says “I’m going to end it now.” And then he does just that.

The Weeknd
, of course, is dating Justin‘s ex Selena Gomez. In fact, Selena and The Weeknd just took a romantic vacation in Italy together.

Fans speculate Justin might have been calling attention away from the Grammys as his IG Live appearance came at the exact same time they were announcing one of the categories he was nominated for — Song of the Year, which went to Adele (who also won Album of the Year.)

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  • Edward Ramsey

    First called him a wh@ck and now this! This dude is shamelessly trying to get attention from his ex’s relationship. Imagine the outrage if it was Selena doing this!

    • Suzanne Smith

      Getting attention from selena……lmao…think not! He’s just f……g with them and laughing while having dinner. Why u trying to make a big deal out of this dude? He’s just joking bout the lil fat boy!

      • Sadieecreagh

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  • Starlight

    So it looks like the only one that is “USING” the Weeknd for attention is Bieber because he can’t seem to keep his name out of his mouth. I love how the truth ALWAYS comes through and stomps out the lies!