EXCLUSIVE: Aidan Alexander Gives BTS Scoop on 'A Cowgirl's Story'

EXCLUSIVE: Aidan Alexander Gives BTS Scoop on 'A Cowgirl's Story'

Aidan Alexander is giving JJJ the scoop on his new movie A Cowgirl’s Story.

He stars as Trevor in the new film about a 17-year-old girl named Dusty Rhodes (Bailee Madison), who goes to live with her grandfather while her parents, both soldiers, are deployed in Afghanistan.

Because she is attending a new high school, Dusty makes friends with a group that includes Savannah (Chloe Lukasiak), a girl whose father also served in the Army.

Dusty convinces her new friends to form an equestrian drill team, but when her mother’s helicopter is shot down in action and goes missing, Dusty’s faith is seriously tested.

She must work together with her friends and grandfather to overcome her sorrow and unite the town for a higher cause.

Check out out Q&A with Aidan below:

JJJ: Tell us about your audition and how you got involved in the project!

Aidan: I sent in a self-tape pretty early on because I was out of town during the casting! I really resonated with the script from the beginning and wanted to be a part of the project, so I was very excited when I found out that I landed the role.

JJJ: Describe your character in 3 words.

Aidan: I would say Trevor is loyal, caring and supportive. He is a really good friend and will do anything and everything for the people he cares about.

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JJJ: What was the biggest challenge of taking on your role and how did you get through it?

Aidan: I think the biggest challenge was really portraying how multidimensional Trevor is. He isn’t just the nice guy who likes Dusty, he has many different complexities that I really wanted to bring to life.

JJJ: How did you bond with the rest of the cast? Any fun behind-the-scenes stories you can share?

Aidan: I had the privilege of knowing Bailee and Chloe prior to filming so it was such a fun and relaxed environment. Everyone on set was so funny and cool and supportive of each other. One day in particular we all had to run straight from set to an event and that day in particular we shot the most grueling long dance sequence and we had to hurry and get changed and ready in ten minutes, it was hilarious.

JJJ: Did you get to take anything from set? If not, what WOULD you have liked to take?

Aidan: I didn’t get to take anything from set! If I could have, I would have loved to take Dusty’s horse. I know that seems extreme but he was the nicest animal ever and I wouldn’t leave him alone in between takes.

A Cowgirl’s Story hits DVD on April 18.

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