EXCLUSIVE: YouTuber Dan TDM Talks About Finding Success & Touring the World

EXCLUSIVE: YouTuber Dan TDM Talks About Finding Success & Touring the World

We’re talking with YouTube star Dan TDM (AKA Dan Middleton)!

The 25-year-old gamer is currently on his first-ever North American Tour with Live Nation. He even has his beloved pugs, Dr Trayaurus and Craig the Mailman along for the ride. Get your tickets now!

Dan has over 17.5 million subscribers and nearly 10 billion views across his two YouTube channels, which makes him pretty freakin’ successful.

Check out our interview with him below!

JJJ: Congrats on all the success! What was the turning point for you, when you realized that you were really popular?

Dan TDM: Thanks! It’s all been a bit mad and it’s a strange feeling that I don’t think I will ever get used to. I just see myself as someone who uploads videos, hangs out with my wife and pugs and generally does my best to have as much fun in life as possible. I think the first time it really occurred to me, was when I first launched the tour in the U.K. and all the tickets sold in less than 48 hours and people queued round the block for hours to meet me…..that was when it really hit home how much of an impact my videos have on people. It made me so happy to meet as many fans as possible and thank them for helping me every step of this journey.

JJJ: What made you want to take this on the road with your new tour?

Dan TDM: I just really wanted to get out there and remove the screen between me and my fans. We follow a story line on stage, but it’s mainly designed for me and my fans to hang out, play games and connect for a few hours, wherever we may be in the world.

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JJJ: What can fans who go to your shows expect to see?

Dan TDM: It’s is a high energy show with characters that my fans will recognize and also some brand new ones that have never been seen before. We also have had a lot of custom games made for the show which makes it an even more unique experience.

JJJ: Do you have to be a gamer to enjoy the live shows?

Dan TDM: Not at all! I have parents contact me after they have seen it, saying that they loved the show even though they were expecting to have no idea what was going on! It’s just a really fun show that everyone can get involved in.

JJJ: You’re touring a lot of the U.S. over the next couple months. What’s your favorite part about coming here?

Dan TDM: Meeting the fans for sure. They are just so amazing. The gifts I get, the support that they all show. I am truly grateful. I also love the massive cities, being able to experience so many places and cultures in such a short amount of time and eat all of the amazing food.

JJJ: What do you miss most when you’re not back home in the U.K.?

Dan TDM: I miss Jemma (my wife) and my pugs. I also miss a really good cup of tea. That’s the only thing I wanted to make sure I had over here. The tour bus is full of English Tea!

JJJ: Who are some of your favorite rising social media stars right now?

Dan TDM: In general, I love watching a variety of different YouTubers. I’m a big music fan so I spend a lot of time finding new bands and music through watching videos so I guess my favorite creators lie there.

JJJ: Best advice for someone looking to make a career out of YouTube/gaming?

Dan TDM: Find something you enjoy playing or doing and see what other people are doing in that area. When I started, there were quite a few Minecraft YouTubers so it was hard to get noticed, but as soon as you settle in and find a niche that separates you from everyone else, the viewers will come to you. Loving what you do, having fun and putting in a ton of hard work on top is a recipe for success.

JJJ: You have so many followers, you’re on tour, you’ve broken some records. What’s your next big goal?

Dan TDM: So many more things for the bucket list for sure. At this point I’m ready to go home and hang with Jemma and the pugs and have a very long sleep. But watch this space. There’s definitely more to come…

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