Exclusive: Niki DeMartino Pens Gorgeous 'Letter to Mom' for JJJ's Mother's Day Series

Exclusive: Niki DeMartino Pens Gorgeous 'Letter to Mom' for JJJ's Mother's Day Series

Niki DeMartino is in awe of her mother.

She and her twin sister, Gabi, would tear up the house scrambling to film a YouTube video. And her mom, Nelida (Nelly) DeMartino, just watched with patience and support.

And thank goodness for that, because today the twins are incredibly successful Youtube vloggers, singers, and lifestyle influencers.

As a young adult now, 22-year-old Niki admires how her mom has always been fiercely supportive and intensely empowering.

As part of our multi-part Mother’s Day series, Niki wrote a sweet letter to her mother to tell her how grateful she is.

Dear Mom,

I still don’t know how you did it/do it. You’re seriously the closest thing to a super-mom in my eyes. You weren’t just a mom, but you gave me the most fun childhood while teaching me how to be a good person.

Now, getting older, I’ve really began to reflect on how selfless you were raising us. Somehow, you managed to work full time yet still be at all our field hockey games, talent shows, dance recitals, and sat through our “shows” we performed in the basement.

You also drove us to school every morning in your scrubs, helped us with homework or studying for hours after school and made sure we were ready for the next day ahead.

Most importantly, you always encouraged us to be ourselves. You’ve never doubted us or our dreams as unattainable as they sounded, and as many times as other kids or parents would laugh at them. You’ve been all of our number one cheerleader and made us believe in ourselves. Any success or goal I’ve ever accomplished is all because of you.

Thank you for letting us tear apart the house and turn it into different sets to film our videos. Thanks for being patient when we fight, and thanks for always looking out for us. One day, I hope to be at least half the mom you are. You’ve set the standards pretty high.

I love you mama,

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