Alex & Sierra Reveal All The Ups & Downs of 'X Factor'

Alex & Sierra Reveal All The Ups & Downs of 'X Factor'

Alex & Sierra are getting real about their time on X Factor in a new podcast, revealing all the ups and downs of the show that they won back in 2013.

The duo — Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton — dished about how they got on the show and why they auditioned in the first place, as well as being dropped from their label later on.

Auditioning for anything can be a bit daunting and when asked about if Simon Cowell had said that they weren’t cut out for a musical career, Alex and Sierra pretty much had the best answer: It wouldn’t have mattered.

“No, that wouldn’t have been the case,” Alex says. “It would’ve been okay, but it wouldn’t have hurt my feelings.”

“It would’ve hurt my feelings,” Sierra adds, “but I wouldn’t have stopped [trying to pursue music]. Music is subjective. There can be people who just a few who despise your music and a hundred more who love it.”

The duo later adds that they are still grateful for the show, despite it’s Hunger Games like quality.

“I think we’re both really grateful that we did the show, with all the negatives that come with it,” Sierra says. “We’re constantly battling the stigmas of being kids from a reality TV show…but we’re doing better than we ever thought we could have.”

Listen to the full podcast HERE now!

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