Teala Dunn & Sierra Furtado Address Their Friendship With Meredith Foster

Teala Dunn & Sierra Furtado Address Their Friendship With Meredith Foster

Teala Dunn and Sierra Furtado are finally addressing rumors surrounding their friendship with Meredith Foster.

Fans have been noticing for quite some time that Meredith hasn’t been spending as much time with the Savage Squad as she used to and are even worried about her health!

In Teala and Sierra‘s recent vlogs they let fans know they’ve been noticing all their questions about Meredith.

“I kinda want to spill some tea in this vlog. Not tea but just address the rumors…like my marriage…Cause every vlog I post, there’s like thousands of comments about the situation. It never goes away,” Teala said, referring to how she calls Mer her wife.

While Teala didn’t go into any further detail, a short time later she added,”If you’re always putting 98% of the effort into a relationship and the other person isn’t, that’s a problem!”

After Teala and Sierra posted their vlogs, they both faced some backlash for alluding to their friendship “situation” but not actually addressing it.

“I didn’t address anything [yesterday]. All I’m going to say is that I’m not going to address ‘the situation’ at all,” Teala said in a vlog the following day.

Sierra added in her video, “I always knew I was never going to address ‘the situation’ in detail…I realize it’s not my business even though friends are you business but it is still not my life and I didn’t feel right giving details to someone else’s business.”

“I went through things last year where I was where I was wanting to be alone a lot and you may have seen that with me and my friends and everyone goes through that kind of thing…I distanced myself and I understand when people need to do that sometimes. And we just love our friends and are there to support our friends,” Sierra concluded.

It looks like the girls are going to keep things private and we totally respect that!

Watch Teala‘s vlog below…

Click inside to watch the other vlogs addressing the situation…

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  • Gina

    Teala’s weave and eyebrows look terrible.

  • Kris

    IF you want to spend positivity and good vibes, you should also do the same. Saying that you will and don’t do that in your blogs just shows what kind of person you are. Just bringing someone’s personal business into your videos and showcasing it to the world just shows you don’t respect the people around you or yourself for that matter. Take your own advice into consideration next time you want to start to stir up or drama and make accusations about someone. ALSO on a another note, don’t lecture people on what they say about you because what you decide to show in your videos IS what you are doing to them and to others. What ppl say is ABOUT your character and judgement about your actions. IT iSN”T hate if you started it. If you and Sierra and Eva want to be good moral people and set proper examples for others, reach out to the people you care about and stop making pointless videos on what goes on in your personal lifes. Just because you get paid to be a vlogger doesn’t mean you can’t be HUMAN.