Teala Dunn Opens Up About 'Guilty Party': 'Fans Will See A Vulnerable Side To Tatiana' (Exclusive)

Teala Dunn Opens Up About 'Guilty Party': 'Fans Will See A Vulnerable Side To Tatiana' (Exclusive)

Teala Dunn stars as the “Queen Bee” Tatiana Johnson in AT&T Hello Lab’s Guilty Party, and JJJ got the full scoop on her character, the story and more.

“[She's] kind of like the “elite”. She’s mean and has very mean tendencies,” the actress shared with us during our exclusive interview. “She’s fun to play because she is the complete opposite of me. I try to be nice, but Tatiana is all about causing drama.”

But don’t expect Tatiana to stay mean for long, because Teala promises that fans will “get to see a vulnerable side of Tatiana, that we never saw throughout the series.”

“She’s always just very strong and likes to show people that she’s fearless. In reality though, she has a lot of skeletons in her closet. It’s cool to see her open up and transform to someone who’s kind of vulnerable.”

Especially since we just found out that Preston, her boyfriend, has been cheating on her!

“We see her now as this sassy girl who is…people start to feel bad for her, because [of that],” Teala adds. “I feel like a lot of people in school can relate to that. I get a lot of DMs on social media about girls going through heartbreak like that.”

And it looks like Tatiana has another secret up her sleeve, too.

“Once they reveal her other secret, I think a lot of girls will be able to relate to her in a new way,” she shares. “I’d love to touch on her struggles in the possible next season and kind of help girls so they don’t feel alone.”

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