Tessa Brooks & Tristan Tales Explain Why They Left Team 10

Tessa Brooks & Tristan Tales Explain Why They Left Team 10

As promised, Tessa Brooks has delivered a full explanation as to why she left Team 10.

The social star and actress revealed the news at the end of her New Year video and now is explaining why she is no longer on the team.

“When I joined Team 10 it was about a year ago,” she began. “I met Jake [Paul] while we were both working on this movie and then I just met everyone and I loved everyone. How creative everyone was and how hard they worked.”

“Being around creators all the time was such a good environment for me to start vlogging, and be confident enough to vlog because I see other people do it,” Tessa continued.

“It was hard for me to decide to not be in Team 10 anymore because I believed in it so much and it was all I knew,” she said. “For a year, it was literally all I knew. I didn’t really do anything else.”

“Then everyone moved and I ended up not moving into the Team 10 house. That was a really hard time for me. When we were moving, that was definitely one of the hardest weeks of my life,” she said as she started to cry, before turning the camera off.

“I moved in here [with Tristan Tales] and I tried to still be in team 10 but it just, it wasn’t the same for me and I think both parties felt that. Just because it’s not the same, doesn’t mean I don’t wish the best for them. It’s just not right for me anymore.”

Explaining why I left team 10

Tessa‘s roommate and best friend Tristan also left Team 10 at about the same time and released an explanation video on the same day. Click inside to watch…

Why I Left Team 10…
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