The Mick's Thomas Barbusca Remembers His Most Embarrassing Moment On The Set (Exclusive)

The Mick's Thomas Barbusca Remembers His Most Embarrassing Moment On The Set (Exclusive)

Thomas Barbusca had quite the embarrassing moment on the set of The Mick!

Speaking with JJJ in an exclusive interview, the 15-year-old actor told us all about it and you’ll be laughing at the end.

While he’s had many embarrassing moments, the “most embarrassing would have to be one scene in the episode, ‘The Divorce’ where Chip gets kicked by a girl.”

Thomas continues, “I had something inside my clothes to protect me from getting hurt, but the actress who shared the scene with me kicked me so hard that the piece of plastic in my pants broke so when you see me fall to the ground those were real tears of pain.”


We also spoke to Thomas about his hopes for season three of the series, what’s on his bucket list and more.

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On preparing for the finale cliffhanger: “I knew that the storyline was going to be about Sabrina and her going to college. I definitely didn’t think she would end up getting struck by lightning. That was a complete shock!”

On his character: “Chip is the middle child of the Pemberton clan. He sees himself as “The Patriarch” of the family, so he expects everybody to respect him. He’s extremely entitled and thinks money can solve any problem. He’s always getting himself into some crazy situation that ends up backfiring on him.”

On how he handled the reveal that Chip wasn’t a true Pemberton: “I had no clue that it was in the script so I was shocked when I read it for the first time. I think it was a last minute rewrite. I thought it was super funny because Chip’s whole being is the fact he is a Pemberton. As far as Chip’s feelings – we see a whole new side of him when he’s hit with the news. I think we finally got to see Chip’s vulnerable side and it made him relatable.”

On his hopes for season 3, should the show be picked up: “The writers had my character doing some great things these past two seasons. I’m excited to see what they have in store for Chip as he gets ready to start high school. I could totally see him dealing with the usual high school stuff and maybe working a real job. I leave that magic in the hands of the show’s talented writers. They make me excited to come to work every day.”

On the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet: “I notice personality and humor right away. Especially if they have a good sense of humor then I know we are going to get along because I’m always cracking silly jokes.”

On the things that are on his bucket list: “Working with Leonardo DiCaprio or Steve Carrell!”

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