Chloe Lukasiak Reveals How She Got 'Kicked Out' of The Studio & More 'Dance Moms' Secrets

Chloe Lukasiak Reveals How She Got 'Kicked Out' of The Studio & More 'Dance Moms' Secrets

This one question about Dance Moms that will forever be asked is just why Chloe Lukasiak left the show, and now she’s spilling the truth on that, and more.

The 17-year-old dancer revealed 10 facts about the Lifetime reality show in a new video on her YouTube channel, and one of them addressed the time she got “kicked out” of the dance studio. Turns out, she wasn’t kicked out at all.

“I was still on the show and my former dance teacher couldn’t kick me off of the show because she didn’t have that power or ability,” Chloe revealed, referencing Abby Lee Miller.

She continued, “I got kicked out of the studio. To be part of the studio, you had to sign a contract.”

Chloe went on to reveal that the contract included demands like not being allowed to gain or lose a certain amount of weight, no piercings, you couldn’t do anything to your hair and more. Furthermore, Abby wanted 10% of the money Chloe made.

“That’s when the real issues started happening,” she says.

Chloe also opened up about why she left the show, sharing that she was Abby‘s least favorite student and was overheard making fun of Chloe‘s medical condition (silent sinus syndrome).

“She was really rough on me that year. We were at Nationals. My mom was actually sticking up for one of my friends I used to dance with. My dance teacher decided to start yelling at my mom about me. We were in the back room and we weren’t supposed to be there but we heard everything that was said.”

“I just happened to be listening and I heard everything that she said,” she added. “And they didn’t show it on Dance Moms and it’s not really said a lot, but she made fun of me. As much respect as I have for her as a dance teacher and as a person, and of course with everything she’s going through right now, what she said was horrible.”

Watch the full video below:

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