How Has Everyone Changed Since Hope Has Been Gone on 'Legacies'?

How Has Everyone Changed Since Hope Has Been Gone on 'Legacies'?

Now that Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) is gone, showrunner Julie Plec dishes on how the rest of the characters are doing in her absence.

In the season one finale, Hope jumped into Malivore, erasing her from everyone’s memory.

“Much like time travel, if you ask too many questions and apply too much logic, the entire system breaks down, so what we had to do was apply just enough logic in what we showed with Landon’s mom and all the other characters that disappeared into Malivore, which is that even though they are forgotten, the experience and the wisdom learned from them is not gone,” Julie shared with EW.

“So Landon is a more confident person now than he was when he started, even though Hope has been erased from his memory. So these are characters that had all those experiences last year. It’s just that the blanks have been filled in for them by their subconscious so they don’t realize that there was one person who’s responsible for all of it,” she continued. “So as such, they don’t realize that what they’re missing is that person and that while everything seems fine and their life seems good, there’s a hole that they don’t know how to fill because they can’t identify it. It’s been fun and it just provides all kinds of opportunity for great new tension and romantic shifts and big life moves and all those things.

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