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Blake Michael Gives Tribute To 'Lemonade Mouth' Ahead of 7 Year Anniversary

Blake Michael Gives Tribute To 'Lemonade Mouth' Ahead of 7 Year Anniversary

Blake Michael has us feeling all nostalgic right now.

The 21-year-old actor, who played Charlie Delgado in Lemonade Mouth, paid tribute to the Disney Channel Original Movie on Instagram today.

“We were so nervous,” he started, showing a pic of the core five at Good Morning America. “The time we had billboards all over Times Square and performed live on Good Morning America – our first live performance. We got there something like 5am which was insane because we had flown in the night before and barely got any sleep. The performance was a success and we flew right back out for our premiere the next day, yellow carpet and all.”

Blake continues, “Flying back with the cast was exciting, because we knew in just a mere 20 hours our movie Lemonade Mouth would be shown to millions of people around the world. We had only hoped some people would appreciate it. I think we underestimated.”

“The movie was one of the most viewed dcoms. Our album charted at #4 on billboard 200… and as of 2012 – a year after its release – was only 98k shy of becoming gold. I have a feeling it probably passed that benchmark.”

Blake adds, “I know some people won’t forget this film. And the music. I just hope the message lives on. Raise your voice and be heard about what you believe in. Stand up to society and …determinate.”

Lemonade Mouth premiered in April 2011, and also starred Bridgit Mendler, Hayley Kiyoko, Naomi Scott and Adam Hicks.

‘Lemonade Mouth’ Turns Five – Where Are The Stars Now?

'Lemonade Mouth' Turns Five - Where Are The Stars Now?

'Lemonade Mouth' Turns Five - Where Are The Stars Now?

Can you believe it’s been FIVE YEARS since the premiere of Lemonade Mouth?

Based on the novel of the same name by Mark Peter Hughes, the Disney Channel film (and one of the best) centered on five high school kids, Olivia (Bridgit Mendler), Wendall (Adam Hicks), Stella (Hayley Kiyoko), Charlie (Blake Michael), and Mo (Naomi Scott), who meet in detention and start a band based off the lemonade vending machine outside the detention room; and despite being the “outcasts” prepare to compete against a popular rock band.

So where are the cast now? Click inside our slideshow to find out!

lemonade mouth five years since premiere 01
lemonade mouth five years since premiere 02
lemonade mouth five years since premiere 03
lemonade mouth five years since premiere 04
lemonade mouth five years since premiere 05

Photos of 'Lemonade Mouth'

Lemonade Mouth - "Don't Stop The Revolution" Video!

Lemonade Mouth -

Adam Hicks, Naomi Scott, Hayley Kiyoko and Chris Brochu aren’t stopping the revolution. In fact, they’re heating it up.

The four Lemonade Mouth stars came back together for a new track to promote Mark Peter Hughes‘ sequel, “Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up.”

“I’m very grateful to the cast of the movie, who were not only kind enough to make a new song and video just for the new LM book (which comes out TODAY!) but they also made these special photo & video messages for me. What nice people, huh? (Stay tuned… more on the way!)” Mark wrote on his website.

Grab the book, and the song and watch the music video below!

Lemonade Mouth – “Don’t Stop The Revolution” Video

Lemonade Mouth on 'So Random' -- Look #2!

Lemonade Mouth on 'So Random' -- Look #2!

Check out what JJJ just received in our inboxes — another look at Lemonade Mouth on So Random!

Adam Hicks, Hayley Kiyoko, and Bridgit Mendler stopped by the sketch show to perform “Determinate” for the packed audience in the episode which airs this weekend.

What else is going on in the show? Chester is way too shy to talk to most girls except guest star Bridgit in “Talking To Girls;” Mark and Leyla campaign for class president and vote for each other in “Class President Ads;” and a Scottish nanny arrives just in time to help corral two unruly kids in “Manny McPhee.”

So Random airs THIS Sunday, November 6 @ 7:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. Bigger pic inside…

Lemonade Mouth on “So Random” Preview

More Here! »

'Lemonade Mouth 2' in Development!

'Lemonade Mouth 2' in Development!


Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Hayley Kiyoko and Blake Michael hit The View stage on Friday morning, not only to perform on the show, but to announce some breaking news!

The foursome, sans Naomi Scott who couldn’t be there, made the announcement that a Lemonade Mouth 2 is currently in development! That means more lemonade!

Blake tweeted, “JUST ANNOUNCED: A SEQUEL to #LemonadeMouth is OFFICIALLY IN DEVELOPMENT!! Retweet.. Spread the big news!!!”

ARE YOU EXCITED for a Lemonade Mouth 2? What do you want to see happen?

lemonade mouth 2 development 01
lemonade mouth 2 development 02
lemonade mouth 2 development 03
lemonade mouth 2 development 04
lemonade mouth 2 development 05