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EXCLUSIVE: 'Fresh Off the Boat' Newbie Marlowe Peyton Shares 10 Fun Facts With JJJ!

EXCLUSIVE: 'Fresh Off the Boat' Newbie Marlowe Peyton Shares 10 Fun Facts With JJJ!

Get to know the super talented up-and-comer Marlowe Peyton!

The young actress is set to star as Reba in the next episode of Fresh Off the Boat, which airs TONIGHT, April 18 @ 8:30PM on ABC.

“As soon as I read the audition script for Fresh Off The Boat, I fell in love with Reba and all of her quirkiness,” Marlowe told us. “I’m so grateful to play her! Every time they write something new for her character she just becomes more and more interesting.”

She added, “The writers, directors, cast and crew of the show are all just incredible, and I’d like to say, a special thanks to Rich Blomquist for creating the character of Reba! I can’t wait for all of you to see her in the newest episode.

Check out 10 fun facts Marlowe shared with JJJ:

1. I love memes so much that if doctors dissected my soul (if that’s possible) then it would be infused with the dankest of memes and the doctors would be like “What the heck is m8″?

2. My favorite things to do in my spare time are, illustrate, animate, 3D model, and write and produce songs.

3. I. LOVE OVERWATCH! It’s my favorite video game. I main Tracer, and love to play it with my friends and family. I’m around 14,400 XP away from reaching level 155!

4. Cosplaying is awesome! I’ve cosplayed as Temmie from Undertale and Mei from Overwatch. Can’t wait to cosplay again at some upcoming expos later this year.

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