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Queeva Debuts 'Stand Out' Music Video - Watch Now!

Queeva Debuts 'Stand Out' Music Video - Watch Now!

Queeva is dreaming big in her new music video!

The 15-year-old country/pop songstress just dropped the vid for her single “Stand Out” and JJJ has the exclusive premiere!

In the cute video, Queeva daydreams about seeing her name in lights while she’s stuck in her high school classroom.

Queeva performs in front of a crowd of adoring fans before being brought back to reality at school.

“My inspiration was writing a song that sent out a message about being true to who you are and not being afraid to let your true colors show. I used to be more of a shy person, but as I got older I learned that when you are able to be yourself, you become a happier person. You don’t have to worry about other people’s opinions, and you know who you are. I was inspired to share that message with everyone, and hopefully it can make a difference in someone’s life,” Queeva wrote on her Instagram.

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Check out Queeva‘s entire video below…

Irish American Songstress Queeva Recorded Her First Album at Age Nine!

Irish American Songstress Queeva Recorded Her First Album at Age Nine!

Meet Queeva, an amazingly talented country music artist, who’s all about inspiring others!

The 14-year-old songstress, whose real name is Caoimhe McDonagh, chatted with JJJ about how she got her start in the entertainment industry, the other language she speaks and her cameo on Chicago Fire!

Check out what she had to say…

1. I was an Irish dancer for about four years, and I competed in many different feises (Irish Folk Festival). The reason why I stopped Irish dancing was because it became a huge commitment and it was hard for me to balance it with school and my career.

2. I recorded my first album when I was nine, and this was definitely a huge step towards building my career as a singer. Jamie O’Neal helped me create this album, and she introduced me to songwriting.

4. I speak Gaelic, but not as fluently as I used to when I was a kid. It’s nice to have a second language that is unusual, but I really wish it was more popular because Gaelic could fade away in years to come.

5. I travel to Ireland every summer, and I spend time with my family. It is so awesome to go away to Ireland because it reminds me of who I am, and it is a nice break from reality.

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