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'Girl Meets New Year' Recap: Here's What Happened On 'Girl Meets New Year'

'Girl Meets New Year' Recap: Here's What Happened On 'Girl Meets New Year'


Let’s talk about that new episode of Girl Meets World, shall we…the one where we were all loving and hating Farkle and then loving him even more after the episode was done.

We all know that Farkle gave Riley a deadline to reveal her true feelings — by midnight on New Year’s Eve (which we have to pause and ask why were they at school during Christmas break?) — and in a way she did…just not to Lucas.

Here’s what happened on the show:

  • Inspired by reading Sense & Sensibility in English class, Riley throws a New Years Ball for her and all her friends — which Charlie Gardner just happens to hear just as she’s announcing it to Maya and invites himself.
  • This is where Farkle’s deadline comes into play again — and he tells Riley if she doesn’t tell Lucas and Maya about her feelings, he will.
  • At the party, Farkle arrives with Smackle — wearing the best couple sweaters ever — and just after arriving, Lucas does. A cute little scene between Smackle and Lucas is probably the best part of the entire episode. It’s the other, non-existent love triangle.
  • The gang plays a couple’s game, chosen by Charlie, of course, and has Charlie and Lucas spatting back and forth over who knows Riley better. We’re not sure who wins here…other than Farkle and Smackle, because they’re Farkle and Smackle.
  • As midnight comes closer, Riley isn’t any closer to revealing her feelings to Maya or Lucas. But she is to Charlie and lets him down gently; telling him that while they make sense in her head, she needs something more than that.
  • Maya, who was left behind in the home and talked with Cory and Topanga about her own feelings, joins the party on the roof and chooses to be beside Lucas when midnight comes.
  • The clock winds down and Farkle, seeing Riley isn’t doing anything about her own feelings, makes good on his deadline — telling everyone at the party about Riley’s secret. The entire party leaves, and Farkle promises that he did it because he does care about her. This leaves Riley, Maya, and Lucas on a bench together. In silence.

    Watch a few clips from it below!

    Girl Meets Word – Girl Meets The New Year – “Farkle’s Deadline”

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    'Chasing Life' Recap: Find Out What Happened on Tonight's Summer Finale!

    'Chasing Life' Recap: Find Out What Happened on Tonight's Summer Finale!

    JJJ seriously needs stock in a tissue brand and any kind of medicine that will keep our hearts from breaking.

    Tonight’s summer finale of Chasing Life was so heartbreaking in every form — and we’re also going to need April to stop her horrifying dreams.

    As April got settled into the cancer ward at Mass Gen, she’s given a huge send off from her family, a prep course from not just her own doctor, but George as well, and meets the nurses and some other patients. Later that night, after her first go-around with chemotherapy, Sara stays the night with her and to get her to sleep, reads her a favorite childhood book.

    Sara also meets Martine, April’s favorite nurse. We kind of love her more than Leilani, too, April. April wakes to find Dominic watching her sleep again. Dom’s back! Let us rejoice about that before everything else happens.

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    'Chasing Life's Mission Every Week: To Make Us Cry - Find Out What Happened on The Episode Here!

    'Chasing Life's Mission Every Week: To Make Us Cry - Find Out What Happened on The Episode Here!

    JJJ is convinced that we’re going to cry during each and every episode of Chasing Life…because we did tonight.

    Here’s what happened in the show:

    After getting a reality check about her illness while checking out Dominic’s medicine cabinet (we all do it), April headed back home and JJJ was crying out a ‘darn it’ at our TV screens. Heading to Beth the next morning, the perfect best friend encouraged April to just go for everything. “You have cancer, you can do anything you want,” are her words of wisdom.

    Arriving at work, she had a “run-in” with Leo, who so recognized her, but said nothing and picked up a story about carrot juice. The carrot juice dude, Gerald, stole out hearts and we wanted him on the show every week. Talking with him, April gets an insight to the carrot juice phenom and how it helps people with cancer not only heal but pull together and also tells him – the second person – that she also has cancer.

    Back at work, April gets a little gossip around the water cooler about Dominic’s past dating habits. So what does she do? She social media stalks him (we all do this too), and because of this, kind of succeeds at avoiding him in the extremely small copy room. Beth advises April to “play it right back” with Dominic after the things she found online. Finding him at a concert for work, April breaks up his “other prospects” and pulls him back to his place where things get heated fast and then cool off just like that. Thank you Graham for breaking the tension in the room!

    April runs to Beth at the coffee shop and the two have an argument about taking risks, which only gives Beth the moxie to quit. That also means no foam art…at least for now. Hopefully we see that wavy heart. Back at the Farmers Market, April is shocked to learn that Gerald passed away — JJJ was screaming and crying at this moment. Crying, April comes back to Dominic’s and talks with him about Gerald and apologizes for the bit of drama she caused the night before. But because of Gerald, she calls out co-worker Andy on his a**y comebacks and seeks out a support group…where she finds Leo! Twist!

    Brenna & Sara
    After catching her Sara and Ben in a compromising position, Brenna tries to get it out of her mind. But Sara, as a therapist, wants to talk about it. Sara tells her daughters, and mother Emma (played by the great and hip Rebecca Schull) that she wants them to meet Ben at dinner the next night. But things don’t go as smoothly as planned, when not only does Sara find out that Ben is her new patient’s ex, but Brenna brings the awkward to the dinner table.

    She invited co-worker Kieran, who is clearly into her, but uses him against her family. Later on, at work, Brenna apologizes to Kiernan and gives him a copy of her dad’s last book and Kieran confesses his feelings (#Brieran).

    Sara, trying to break up with her new patient/Ben’s ex, finds out that Ben reunited with her after the dinner. Knife in our hearts!

    WHAT DID YOU THINK of this week’s Chasing Life?

    What Happened on 'Glee's Season Five Premiere - Recap Inside!

    What Happened on 'Glee's Season Five Premiere - Recap Inside!


    Did you get to watch the fifth season premiere of Glee — huge things happened and JJJ has a recap for you!

    When last season left off, Rachel (Lea Michele) was in the process of auditioning to play Fanny Brice in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl and the season started off right from there with guest stars Peter Facinelli and Ioan Gruffudd sitting in for her callback audition.

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    'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Who is the Queen of Hearts?

    'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Who is the Queen of Hearts?


    Our favorite liars – Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson), and Emily (Shay Mitchell) were back tonight (June 11) in the season four premiere of Pretty Little Liars.

    PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Pretty Little Liars

    And while all of our lingering “A” questions were finally answered, we were left with a ton more to think about!

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