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Spectacular on DVD Now!

Spectacular on DVD Now!
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Tammin Sursok: I Can't Ride A Bike!

Tammin Sursok: I Can't Ride A Bike!

Last week, Tammin Sursok sat down to do a quick Q&A session prior to a Spectacular! signing event in New York City.

Here’s what the Aussie actress star had to say:

On co-star Nolan Gerard Funk: “He loves playing his role [Nikko] and I love playing my role [Courtney]. He was really great, really professional and working with him was a blessing.”

On her music career: “Singing is something that’s followed me no matter where if I were to put it on the back burner or not. It’s something that I started very young. My mom was actually a singer in South Africa, she released many records. I don’t know yet [if I'm going to pick it back up]. I’m just going to take it day by day. If I can record the kind of music I want to record, then I’d definitely do it again.”

On wearing the show choir outfits: “I’ve had to wear costumes when I was younger — I was Sponge and Spiker in James in The Giant Peach. I had to wear crazy stuff for that. I was also Liat in South Pacific. I’ve had to wear fun stuff before but not quite as many sequins.”

On her one big secret: “I can’t ride a bike, which is really ridiculous. But I can roller skate on one leg. I tried once — I would ride and then fall over. But I’m gonna learn. So in Spectacular! 2, I’ll be riding a bike.”

Tammin Sursok – Spectacular! Q & A

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Victoria Justice & Simon Curtis: Good Day LA!

Victoria Justice & Simon Curtis: Good Day LA!

Spectacular! stars Victoria Justice and Simon Curtis stopped by Good Day LA this morning to promote their new Nick movie-musical.

The duo, who play rival show choir leaders Royce and Tami, dished about the movie and tackled the constant comparison between Spectacular! and the popular High School Musical.

Victoria shared, “I think that people are comparing us to High School Musical because we do have music in Spectacular! but honestly, they weren’t the first to do musicals. There were tons of musicals way before that.”

Simon added, “Triple threats are a big thing right now. You know — singing, dancing, acting. All three. We’d like to think we’re capable of all three.”

Check out the full interview below and tune into Spectacular! TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

Victoria Justice and Simon Curtis – myFox News 11, 02/16

Simon Curtis & Victoria Justice: Spectacular Sweeties

Simon Curtis & Victoria Justice: Spectacular Sweeties

Spectacular! stars Simon Curtis and Victoria Justice spend their Valentine’s Day signing lots of posters at the Justice store in Los Angeles on Saturday (February 14).

At the event, Simon shared with JJJ, “It was great to see all the different people who were excited about the movie; teenagers, little kids, parents (who seemed just as excited as their children).”

“Then they brought out a cake for Vic‘s birthday, which totally surprised her,” Simon added. “And we also got to take a very deserving girl named Cookie (pink shirt) on a shopping spree afterward. She’s survived leukemia multiple times, and it was really amazing to do something special for such a courageous, inspiring person. All in all, it was the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.”

Spectaular! premieres TOMORROW NIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

simon curtis victoria justice signing 01
simon curtis victoria justice signing 02
simon curtis victoria justice signing 03
simon curtis victoria justice signing 04
simon curtis victoria justice signing 05

Tammin Sursok & Nolan Funk: Spectacular Signers

Tammin Sursok & Nolan Funk: Spectacular Signers

Spectacular! stars Nolan Gerard Funk and Tammin Sursok have a stack of posters to sign for their many fans at the Justice store on Saturday afternoon (February 14) in Garden City, New York.

The twosome star as Courtney and Nikko in the made-for-TV musical about a high school choir that is fading in popularity. A wannabe rock singer, Nikko is convinced to join the choir by Courtney in hopes of winning the upcoming competition and cash prize.

Spectacular! premieres on Monday, February 16th @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

15+ pics inside of Tammin and Nolan signing away… More Here! »

tammin sursok nolan funk signing 01
tammin sursok nolan funk signing 02
tammin sursok nolan funk signing 03
tammin sursok nolan funk signing 04
tammin sursok nolan funk signing 05

Behind The Scenes of Spectacular!

Behind The Scenes of Spectacular!

Simon Curtis is ready to premiere his new movie-musical, Spectacular!, on Nickelodeon and he just put up some new behind-the-scenes vids on his YouTube!

The up and coming actor says on his MySpace, “I am in the process of sharing several of my exclusive, behind-the-scenes sneak peaks (i.e. during the shoot I just handed my camcorder to Victoria‘s [Justice] mom and had her tape whatever she was able to). I just posted the first two today, and there will definitely be more tomorrow.”

Spectacular! premieres THIS Monday, February 16th @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

“Lonely Love Song”

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Tammin Sursok is So Spectacular!

Tammin Sursok is So Spectacular!

Tammin Sursok is all pumped to premiere her new movie-musical Spectacular! on Nickelodeon on Monday night and she dished to MTV all about it. Check it:

On adapting to her character, Courtney: “I’d never been able to play a comedic role with such an A-type personalty before. So I watched a lot of films like Grease and Election. And Courtney’s definitely a perfectionist, so I found the character’s neuroses and the little things that perfectionists do and adapted them to myself. It also came down to how she walked. She walks really upright which is not how I walk. So every time I’d walk upright, I would morph into her.”

On show choirs: “I’m from Australia, and we didn’t have show choir there, so I hadn’t even heard of it! It’s kind of an American phenomenon. But it sounds like so much fun! I would’ve been it!”

On kissing her co-star, Nolan Gerard Funk: “The kiss was supposed to take place on stage, and then there was back-and-forth banter about where the kiss would take place. We didn’t know where we were going to kiss, so Nolan was like ‘Why don’t we just do both?’ I was like ‘Mmhm. Sure.’ But we went for it right at the end, which seemed more appropriate.”

On her music career: “I did music in Australia and London, and I’ve been approached by a few different record labels, but I haven’t figured out where I wanna go. Sometimes if you wanna do music, you have to put your whole heart and soul into it, and I just don’t know where I wanna go with that right now.”

On her Valentine’s Day plans: “I’ll still be in New York, so we’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll be asked to dinner!”

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Nolan Gerard Funk: I Swim in Speedos!

Nolan Gerard Funk: I Swim in Speedos!

JustJaredJr.com recently got a chance to catch up with Spectacular! hunk Nolan Gerard Funk. Check out what the 22-year-old actor had to say about acting at an early age and his most embarrassing moment:

On how he caught the acting bug: “From my dentist! I was only 13. I was diving at the time and I got a really bad toothache, so I really needed to find a dentist. My dive coach recommended somebody, and the dentist’s receptionist happened to be the wife of the dentist. She had kids in the business and she said, ‘Go check out this acting school!’and I did! But I’ve always wanted to sing and act every since I was a little boy.”

On how comfortable he was in speedos for diving: “The speedo thing was always a hard bullet to bite. I do remember one time, I had this really big crush on this girl and she came to watch me do a dive. That day, I forgot my speedo, so I went to the store that they had at the pool and I bought one. All they had was a size that was up from mine! I did a dive, I came out of the pool and I wasn’t wearing the speedo. (laughs) The girl was right there! It was so embarrassing.”

Thankfully, Nolan found his speedo in the pool and quickly put it back on!

Spectacular! airs THIS Monday, February 16 @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.