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New 'Switched At Birth' Clips Are All About Daphne

New 'Switched At Birth' Clips Are All About Daphne

Daphne is the center of the story in the brand new clips from Switched at Birth‘s season premiere.

In the episode, Daphne (Katie Leclerc) and Bay (Vanessa Marano) are so enthralled with China that they stay longer than anticipated, but after 10 months, they get an emergency call and drop everything to return home.

Once there, Daphne tries to integrate herself back into campus life but finds that things have changed without her. Bay is mixed up about her feelings towards Emmett who is struggling with his own problems.

Meanwhile, Kathryn and John quarrel over her job and Regina feels guilty about a secret tryst.

Switched At Birth premieres Tuesday, January 31st @ 9PM ET/PT on Freeform.

Switched at Birth | 5×01 Sneak Peek: Welcome Back Daphne

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Vanessa Marano Previews 'Switched At Birth' Season Five Storylines (Exclusive)

Vanessa Marano Previews 'Switched At Birth' Season Five Storylines (Exclusive)

We’re down to just a few weeks left until the final season premiere of Switched At Birth.

Star Vanessa Marano met up with JJJ to discuss what fans will be seeing in the final 10 episodes and what they won’t be seeing.

“Every year we have a main plot that ends up affecting everyone and informs a lot of the season,” she explains. “We do a special episode every season – whether it be the all ASL episode or the What If episode – and last season, the storyline was about Bay’s assault.”

For this season, she was mum on what topic would be the center, however, Vanessa did dish on all the characters we’ll see come into the spotlight.

“We’re diving into a new storyline this season that will affect everyone and will also affect a lot of our supporting characters, as well as our main cast. Our supporting characters have a lot on their plates this season…which is going to be so great to see because we have amazing guest actors and it’s nice to give them a juicy storyline, which is happening this season.”

One character you WILL see back? Tank, played by Max Adler.

“I can’t tell you how he’s coming back, but we will seeing the face of Tank on this upcoming season,” she teased.

Switched At Birth premieres on Tuesday, January 31st on Freeform.

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'Switched At Birth's Vanessa Marano Recalls Her First Impression of 'Swister' Katie Leclerc

'Switched At Birth's Vanessa Marano Recalls Her First Impression of 'Swister' Katie Leclerc

If you’ve been following Switched at Birth and its’ cast since the start, then you know that stars Vanessa Marano and Katie Leclerc are insanely close.

So close, that in event of a zombie apocalypse, Vanessa would be with Katie over everyone else: “I know the one who’s going to survive is Katie. Katie is very prepared for a zombie apocalypse.”

JJJ spoke with Vanessa about bonding with the cast during the first season of the hit Freeform show, and she did us a solid, remembering her first impression of just about everyone!

“We all get along really well. I have a very specific memory of us shooting in the Kennish house and it wasn’t a set yet,” Vanessa recalls. “It was a real house we were shooting in we had to be upstairs in the attic, which was our ‘holding area’.”

“The first thing [I remember] was Katie teaching us all a dirty sign. That was our first bonding experience (laughs).”

She continues, “I remember Constance [Marie], D.W. [Moffett] and Lea [Thompson] all trading stories about Jimmy Burrows, the director because they had all worked with him before that. We all just got along so well.”

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Vanessa Marano on 'Switched at Birth's Final Season: 'Bay & Daphne Come Home & Stay Home'

It kind of sounds like Bay and Daphne might be grounded…in some sort of way.

When Switched at Birth star Vanessa Marano spoke to JJJ recently, she opened up about the phone call that calls them home, which we’ll see in the premiere episode on January 31st.

“I want everyone to keep in mind that when we shot that ending scene, we – myself and Katie – had no idea what the phone call was,” she clarifies about the end of season four.

“We shot that scene not knowing pretty much anything – of what the phone call was, of how they got to China, no information whatsoever and we were very confused.”

Vanessa added, “Now we actually know that information…I can tell you that us being in China has nothing to do with the phone call that we received. I can tell you that we do come home. Bay and Daphne are back in Kansas City this season. The phone call forces them to come home and stay home.”

What else will we see in the premiere episode? “Bay is actually speaking more Chinese this season,” she tells us. “I’m not happy about it, but you know, it’s Switched At Birth and there are just so many languages on this show.”

FYI: Vanessa, wearing Imagine Vince Camuto heels, is also pictured at the Disney/ABC TCA Party at the Langham Hotel on Tuesday night (January 10) in Pasadena, Calif.

VIDEO: Vanessa Marano & Katie Leclerc Thank The Fans In 'Switched at Birth's New Season Promo

VIDEO: Vanessa Marano & Katie Leclerc Thank The Fans In 'Switched at Birth's New Season Promo

The new promo for Switched at Birth‘s final season is here!

The brand-new visual doesn’t have any new scenes to reveal, but it’s still giving us all the feels because of Katie Leclerc and Vanessa Marano‘s sisterhood.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics from Switched At Birth

Lucas Grabeel, Marlee Matlin, D.W. Moffatt, Constance Marie and Lea Thompson also appear in the vid, thanking fans for giving them five seasons full of drama and family.

Switched At Birth premieres on Tuesday, January 31st on Freeform.

Switched at Birth | Switched at Birth is Back

MUST READ: Vanessa Marano Previews The Bay/Travis Storyline for ‘Switched at Birth’ Final Season

Vanessa Marano Previews The Bay/Travis Storyline for 'Switched at Birth' Final Season

Vanessa Marano Previews The Bay/Travis Storyline for 'Switched at Birth' Final Season

Let’s just say it — Switched at Birth left us with a pretty major cliffhanger about Bay and Travis.


JJJ recently caught up with Vanessa Marano, where she spilled at just where we are at with the potential couple to be.

“We’ll see them together this season,” she teases. “Where we left off with Bay, she was exactly sure if she was going to say yes to Travis, or not. I love Ryan Lane, so I love Travis. I’m excited that he got quite the storyline on his plate.”

Vanessa continues, “Emmett kind of gives her his blessing to say yes, but she just kind of made this radical decision to be like ‘Ha! I’m just gonna go to China and not deal with this right now. La la la la la.’ It’s like a close my eyes and it’s not there situation.”

But looking at the first episode description, Bay and swister Daphne (Katie Leclerc) are called back for a family “emergency”.

“That’s the first thing that gets resolved in our first episode is whether or not she’ll say yes to Travis or not. That forms the season of what will happen with her relationship with Emmett.”

Vanessa adds, “I think the whole Emmett thing will take a turn that no one will see coming. It might be obvious to some people on what’s going to happen with him, or it might be totally out of left field. I feel like they really were placing a little trail of breadcrumbs which leads to his storyline this season.”

Switched at Birth returns on January 31st on Freefrom.

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Vanessa Marano Opens Up About 'Switched at Birth's Final Season

They’re here! The first pics (and full gallery) of pics from Switched at Birth‘s season five premiere are here!

“It’s crazy and I don’t think any of us saw this coming,” star Vanessa Marano tells JJJ about reaching the fifth season. “We’re going to be past 100 episodes by the end of this season which is crazy. We went through a whole network name change too.”

The final season will premiere in January, with Bay and Daphne returning from China.

Vanessa adds, “It’s really cool and nice to be able to grow with a character and grow with the story and with these people, which just five years ago we were shooting the pilot and just starting to get to know one another. Now, it’s been five years and it’s insane.”

Check out the full gallery below and stay tuned for more tidbits from Vanessa!

First Pics at 'Switched at Birth's Final Season Are Here!

First Pics at 'Switched at Birth's Final Season Are Here!

We are so excited about seeing these first pics from Switched at Birth‘s final season!

We’re also really sad, because it’s the final season.

In the pics, which debuted on TVGuide.com, you can see Bay (Vanessa Marano) and Daphne (Katie Leclerc) getting inked during their time in China before they rush back to Kansas for some, still unknown, reason.

We can’t wait to see the tattoos, find out this mysterious reason for their return and to actually watch the show!

Switched at Birth returns on January 31st @ 9PM ET/PT on Freeform.

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