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Keke Palmer, Ashley Argota & Matt Shively Look Back on 'True Jackson VP' 10 Years Later

Keke Palmer, Ashley Argota & Matt Shively Look Back on 'True Jackson VP' 10 Years Later

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since the premiere of True Jackson VP on Nickelodeon.

If you don’t remember, the show starring Keke Palmer, Ashley Argota and Matt Shively, focused on True, a sandwich sales girl, who was offered a dream job as vice president in charge of Mad Style’s youth apparel line.

“We kind of had the chemistry right away, but, of course, during the course of us working together, we became even more in tune and even more able to play off each other and kind of get where the other’s gonna go with something,” Keke revealed in a new interview with IBT, about her chemistry with Ashley and Matt.

She added, “Our bond just increased over time. Ashley and I, we had most of our stuff together, and we became very, very close by the end of the show.

“Ashley and I were both girls and about the same age, and he [Matt] was kinda getting ready to be an adult and leave his family house…So, we were at two different cross-points, but I think that was also a big part of our relationship, as well, because we could learn from each other.”

As for a possible reboot or reunion, Keke says that it all depends.

“For the kids that were watching the show, I could see myself doing something for them, but it would definitely have to be more mature,” she shared. “‘Cause I do think that’s an important thing to give to your audience, too.”

“If you do something that you did before, in a current way, you really gotta make it current…I would want it to be more [mature] because she’s 25 now.”

You can check out Ashley and Matt‘s tribute on Instagram and Twitter now!

Keke Palmer & Robbie Amell: Segway Sweeties

Keke Palmer & Robbie Amell: Segway Sweeties

Keke Palmer holds on tight to on-screen boyfriend Robbie Amell as they take a ride on his mail pro segway in this new still from True Jackson VP.

In the upcoming episode “The Fifth of Prankuary,” Mr. Madigan tells everyone about an annual pranking holiday and challenges all to outdo him. The next day, Miss Park is out sick and “Mr. Maffigan” fills in. Assuming its Mr. Madigan, True (Palmer) and Lulu (Ashley Argota) throw out the class’s surprise exam and must get it back.

“The Fifth of Prankuary” premieres TOMORROW, September 25 @ 7:30PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

“The Fifth of Prankuary” Sneak Peek

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Photos of 'True Jackson VP'

Keke Palmer Casts Some Magic on Robbie Amell

Keke Palmer Casts Some Magic on Robbie Amell

Keke Palmer gives into her curiosity in this new still from True Jackson VP.

In the upcoming episode “True Kiss,” True (Palmer) tries to restrain her suspicion when Jimmy (Robbie Amell) shows an interest in the cute new mailroom employee, Sienna. But when she learns they are headed to a formal ball together, True and Lulu (Ashley Argota) try to crash the event to spy on the couple. Thwarted by security, True must leave, but not before Jimmy spots her.

Meanwhile, Ryan (Matt Shively) tries to get into the Junior Magician’s Club, but his challenger is 13-year-old girl (Cymphonique Miller) who seems to be a master magician.

“True Kiss” premieres THIS Saturday, August 7, @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

“True Kiss” Clip #1

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Keke Palmer & Ashley Argota: Trapped In Paris with Gage Golightly!

Keke Palmer & Ashley Argota: Trapped In Paris with Gage Golightly!

Keke Palmer and Ashley Argota sandwich in gal pal Gage Golightly in this new still from the first True Jackson VP movie, Trapped in Paris.

In the hour-long movie, True (Palmer) and Lulu (Argota) are off via plane, train and automobile to the City of Lights [Paris, France] after they lose a wedding ring belonging to the wife of their distinguished, yet eccentric boss, Max Madigan (Greg Proops). In a frenzy to get to Paris before Max finds out, they fly to Paris posing as flight attendants and along the way befriend a young girl (Golightly) who is running away to Paris on her own.

The hunt for the ring takes a bizarre turn when True and Lulu land in Paris and are held captive by an unconventional billionaire who kidnaps actors, comedians and designers just to entertain his spoiled daughter, Carla. In order to be freed, True must design a dress that Carla likes.

Meanwhile, Jimmy (Robbie Amell), Ryan (Matt Shively), Amanda (Danielle Bisutti) and Oscar (Ron Butler) head out in an attempt to save them, but their search and rescue mission goes awry and they too are held hostage.

With all of them, including Max, now trapped in the billionaire’s mansion, Jimmy and Ryan discover DJ Lance Rock (Lance Robertson) and the Yo Gabba Gabba! cast who have been locked in a closet. Things get even wilder when Carla decides that she wants to marry Ryan.

Trapped in Paris premieres TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon. Stay tuned after the movie too for 7 Secrets: Keke Palmer @ 9PM ET/PT.

“Trapped In Paris” Clip #1
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Nick's Beyond Belief Night TONIGHT!

Nick's Beyond Belief Night TONIGHT!

Are you ready for “Beyond Belief” night on Nickelodeon?

FOUR all-new episodes of their hit series — iCarly, Big Time Rush, Victorious and True Jackson VP — are in store. Check out the descriptions and clips below!

iCarly @ 8PM ET/PT: Bigfoot fever hits Seattle when hikers take some fuzzy fiootage of a suspicious figure in the woods. After an expert validates the footage on the web show, Carly convinces the gang to take Socko’s RV upstate and join the search for Bigfoot.

Big Time Rush @ 8:30PM ET/PT: Gustavo needs a place to stay since his mansion is being fumigated, so Kendall’s mom invites him to stay at the Crib. During his stay, there is some sort of “paranormal activity” taking place at the Palm Woods, and the boys convince Gustavo the place is haunted in order to get him to move out.

Victorious @ 9PM ET/PT: Tori gets the lead in a high-profile school musical, but freaks out when a stage makeup project goes awry and she’s left looking like a zombie on opening night.

True Jackson, VP @ 9:30PM ET/PT: Ryan is convinced Mad Style’s new male model from Transylvania is a vampire. Meanwhile, True is forced to conquer her fear of public speaking when asked to give a speech to her entire school.

Victorious – “Tori The Zombie” Clip

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