TikToker Notices Many Girls Named Bella on RushTok This Year, Correlates It to Twilight's Release

TikToker Notices Many Girls Named Bella on RushTok This Year, Correlates It to Twilight's Release

Do you keep up with #RushTok every year?!

A super popular part of the beginning of the school year is when students rush for a sorority or fraternity, and over the years, girls rushing for sororities has become an immensely popular thing to watch unfold on TikTok.

Viewers keep up with many different girls and go along their journey’s of rush week and even speculate what house they will be invited to pledge to.

This year, one TikToker keeping notice to RushTok started seeing a pattern of girls named Bella, and they finally figured out why – Twilight!

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After showing videos of girls named Bella, and writing, “Been trying to figure out why Bella is such a popular name on rushtok this year…” the user, named Moxie, then showed a screenshot from Google of when the first “Twilight” book was released.

The debut novel in the series was released on September 27, 2005, which is 18 years ago, the perfect age for people starting college.

However, as many comments pointed out, even though the book came out towards the end of 2005, it wouldn’t make sense for the name to be popular for another year or two.

Those born in 2005 and starting college this year would likely have had to been born and named BEFORE the book was released, and before it became mega popular.

“Nope. All these Bella’s to be headed to college would have born in aug 1, 2004-July 31 2005. So some Bella’s are pre this book,” one person wrote.

Another said, “Twilight wasn’t popular enough for people to name their kids after it until 2007 or so, so we still have a couple years”

WHAT DO YOU THINK?! Would Bella be a popular name for college freshman this year because of “Twilight”??

If you didn’t know, you can watch all of the Twilight movies on this streaming service…

@shesgotmoxie21 It all makes sense now!!!! 🤯 #BamaRush #RushTok #Twilight #uapanhellenic #sorority #rolltide #Vampires let’s talk about it @Brandis Bradley @Grant Sikes ♬ vampire – Olivia Rodrigo

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