Dinah Jane Opens Up About Not Being Featured On Fifth Harmony's First 2 Singles

Dinah Jane Opens Up About Not Being Featured On Fifth Harmony's First 2 Singles

Dinah Jane is getting candid about not having a featured part in Fifth Harmony‘s two lead singles from their debut album Reflection.

The former group, which formed on X Factor in 2012, dropped “Bo$$” and “Sledgehammer” from their first full-length album, and the now 26-year-old singer didn’t have her own part on either of the tracks.

In a recent interview, Dinah opened up about what it was like not having a featured part, and how it made her feel.

See what she said inside…

While speaking on the Zach Sang Show about her upcoming album, she shared about being being able to showcase her own vocal ability and versatility as a singer.

“I feel like being in a group, that you also had to tuck a piece of yourself away, tuck a piece of your talent away just to get an inch of something,” she said. “I mean, I missed out on two singles, our first two singles ever, and I didn’t realize, I didn’t understand it at the time. I missed out on ‘BO$$,’ I missed out on ‘Sledgehammer.’”

When asked “What do you mean you missed out?” Dinah responded, “I’m not on the record. I mean, I may be on like the harmonies and the backgrounds, but there was like no part that I had, except visually. I’m like, you better make sure I’m still in there.”

“I did [cut vocals] for like the chorus, but it’s tucked,” she added. “I missed on those two, and then… I think some of us girls had a fair share of not getting enough light on our voices, but for me, I mean, there was a moment where I was told that my voice was too soulful. It is too strong, it is too powerful. ‘You’re a powerhouse, but we need you to bring it down a notch.’ So, I would kind of learn from the other girls, okay, so how are these girls getting on these records. Okay, so make it more, like, more bright, make it brighter, or my approach to it would be very pop, and that’s kind of where I felt like this… I’m losing a touch of myself, my power, my what makes Dinah Jane Dinah Jane.”

“When it would come to live shows, I made sure to rip them stages with my vocals as much as I could to show them, like, don’t play with me, and I am nice on the mic,” Dinah Jane said. “I feel like that was the perfect opportunity to showcase my vocal ability.”

When it was pointed at the Lauren Jauregui isn’t on “Worth It,” Dinah added that the girls were trying to figure that out too.

“I mean, I was off of two songs, she was off of that one, but we made sure that she was in there visually as well, like it was for me,” she said. “I never understood it. It was never us who chose, who gets to go, who [goes] where. It was not in our hands. It was the producers and writers and the executive people that were above us in these labels.”

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