Vanessa Hudgens: The Paparazzi Are Obnoxious

Vanessa Hudgens: The Paparazzi Are Obnoxious

Vanessa Hudgens thinks the paparazzi in Sydney, Australia are obnoxious and invasive, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The 19-year-old starlet sat down with the Aussie newspaper and spoke of her dislike for them. “I mean, put yourself in my situation: people who you do not know taking pictures of you in your own room! It’s obnoxious and invasive, and I don’t know why they would do it,” she said.

Vanessa also says that the attention she gets is a tad overwhelming at times: “We have had a few crazy premieres, including in Mexico, where there were about 140 security guards there holding barricades up around us. I’m kind of claustrophobic, so being caged in every so often gets kind of frightening.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the paparazzi — are they obnoxious?

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  • PaTi

    poor girl, to be honest i love to see pap pics about her and zac but if i try to put myself in her situation that woud sucks, honestly is a lot with the fans and then with guys following u everywhere and taking pics about every move u make of course is obnoxious

  • nan

    I support you whatever it takes, baby v !

  • raul

    i love her but this is just obnoxious lol! she is famous and there must be bad things about it!! its the price of the fame! so stop complaining

  • curiosity

    I think taking pix of them while in their room is going too far.

  • lola

    she love,s too act,sing,dance she and all the other stars are acteurs thats there job they love doing that.
    so paps leave them alone you dont have too follow the stars every day
    give them there privacy back

  • jo

    if i was in her shoes, i’d think they’re obnoxious too.

  • cami

    vanessa is only known as zac’s girlfriend, she should thank to the paparazzis for the atention
    when they get bored of her she will take naked pictures for get the atention again
    btw, horrible pic!

  • Christie

    Paps really should have press passes it would help with safety and privacy for celebs

  • Trina

    #7 why don’t you crawl back under the slimy rock from which you came. I think it’s called the Perez Hilton site. That’s where you belong, not here.

  • Karissa

    omg the paps are so crazy and harsh on these disney stars and celebs i mean like seriously leave the poor ppl alone!! maybe if you didnt bother them so much zac and vanessa would have more chemistry in public! YOU SUCK PAPS !

  • kimi

    That’s right, if I was in her shoes, I would totally think the paps are annoying. I mean taking a picture left to right is obnoxious, like she said. I mean you don’t have to follow her 24/7, its ridiculous.

    but I do like seeing her out and about.

  • AllisonC

    I also put myself in her position, she’s standing in the window of her hotel room and someone on the street is photographing her, without her consent or knowing they are doing it. It is extremely invasive, and paparazzi here in the states don’t do that. But, i think all paparazzi are scummy. She didn’t ask to be stalked and fawned over, she just wanted to do something she loved, acting. She knew it was going to come, but you cannot fully prepare yourself for it before-hand. I do feel sorry for them, it’s ridiculous, how interesting were the photos? Zac got the screen down, weee. Worth millions. Wtf for?

  • Fan

    It is going far beyond the boundaries by taking pictures of celebrities in their private hotel rooms and private homes. Once the celebrities are within their private domains that’s where all the papps and photos end. Celebrities have rights of privacy too when they are within their own private homes, hotel rooms, and all other private domains including their friends and relatives homes.

  • Trina

    YES, the paparazzi are extremely obnoxious.

    This is really cool:

  • http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/k8lynisepic katelyn LOVATO.

    they seem annoying.


  • super fan ashley

    I am agree with #7 she is knowing for zac’s girlfriend.

  • .

    You’re famous, deal with it. I understand that it gets annoying but this is the price of fame, quit the business if you can’t stand it.

  • Fan

    #16…according to TMZ papps…the only reason Ashley is being chased by papps because she is Vanessa’s best friend. And that is all Ashley is being famous for, Vanessa’s best friend.

  • kaylee

    i don’t doubt that the paps are really annoying (because they definitely seem to be) but vanessa and all the other celebs constantly complaining about them need to remember and accept that they just come with the territory. they wanted fame, they wanted recignition, and now they have it. unfortunately it comes in more ways than one but you know whatever, cry me a river. with all the shit going on in the world right now any celebrity that complains about being photographed should honestly be ashamed of themselves. there are so many people that have to work their asses off just to get food on the table while these celebs get things handed to them from a silver spoon.

    i have never particularly liked vanessa, she honestly seems like an ungrateful bitch. whoever said most people outside of the tween world only know her as zac’s girlfriend is right on. what else has she accomplished? a failed album? a straight to dvd movie? if she ever gets anywhere outside of high school musical i will be very suprised.

  • jen

    yes there are some paps that are too forward but not all are like that, and really if she doesnt want the attention she shouldnt be in this profession. If she wants to do what she loves she can but if she doesnt want the attention dont be in the most popular disney movie right now. I mean theres way more acting/singing jobs that dont come with all the fame. And its kinda hard to feel sorry for her while she probably is worth millions

  • vanessajonas


  • mj

    She’s knows that being photographed is part of fame. but inside her hotel room? I don’t know about you but that seems a bit much to me. Kaylee maybe you should check before you talk about what she has done because you obviously don’t know. Fan I saw that on TMZ also they didn’t know her name and made fun of her for catering to the paps for fame.

  • lol

    It’s kind of funny that she thinks so highly of herself. As for whoever said Ashley’s only famous because she’s her best friend, I believe waaaaaay more people bought Ashley’s album than Vage-nessa’s, she was also on Suite Life among other things, she was also ranked higher than V in Maxim’s hot 100. So who really is the least famous out of the two? Baby Vage is only famous because the whole world saw her naked, that and she’s dating Zac.

  • Fan

    lol #23…the TMZ papps stated that.

  • STef

    i think vanessa is obnoxious!!!



    If you don’t like it don’t stand right infront of the windows where everyone can see!! I saw the pics the windows are huge whyy wold you stand in front of it, if your annoyed by papzz??

    Your famous ddeall wit it

  • http://ZacEfron bradley

    Vanessa is not pretty

    I think Zac and Ashley should get together. or Zac and Nikki.

  • =]]miittchhy.

    i don’t think she minds getting pics by the papz.

    after all if you like taking naked pics of yourself

    i dont think you shouldd mind a few picss with actual clothes on

  • Emy

    ok hate to break it to ya, but with all this fame and fortune comes annoying old men taking pictures of you every move. Please she is complaining of paparazzi taking pictures of her because she is a famous star with millions of dollars! oh poor vanessa……

  • kaybby

    hahahaaa. #25 is SOOO RIGHT!

    &&& for #27 she probb hates it because she is wearing clothes and she wants to be nakedd..

    S L U … T

    moossst defffffffff.


    actually i dont think anyone is as perfect and amazing as Zac Efron.

  • Rose

    No offense but where does it say anywhere in this post about Ashley?
    I’m sick and tired of people comparing them together, they are best friends
    I’m sure both of them are happy for each other in different ways when it comes to there career.
    Anyways, the paparazzi do cross the line sometimes with Vanessa and I feel bad that she has to go through that but at the same time it’s a price for fame.
    I know this is off topic but I can’t wait to see her in more mature roles

  • hhhhhhhhhhi.

    she should be happy someone is giving her attention.

    woaaah, i hate her a lot.

  • kaatie

    hahahhaha. seriously GET AWAY FROM THE WINDOWS.


    suck it upp yoo.

  • sheila

    glad to see there is so much tolerance and love in the world that you have to hate someone so much to say that they deserve to have photos taken when they are inside their hotel room. just because they’re a public person. hey, we’re all public people to a degree. we all exist in the world and walk around in public. maybe its ok for me to take pictures of you when you’re standing in your bedroom. really, what right do you have to tell me otherwise. actors don’t sign a contract with the devil when the decide to go into the entertainment industry. they shouldn’t have to deal with those kinds of photos. i think they can accept airport pics and going to starbucks pics etc., but inside hotel shouldn’t be part of the bargain.

  • Kay

    I like her but she’s famous and that’s part of fame.

  • vanessa is so fine

    Vanessa Hudgens is so hottt.

  • zacefronlovee

    wow thats crazy!
    i feel bad for her.

  • Shannon

    This for me is a love hate relationship on one hand i luv the V pics as well as the Zanessa ones but I hate that it comes from them having no privacy it’s a Catch 22 situation

  • euge

    YES, the paparazzi are extremely obnoxious.


  • jo

    i think vanessa knows it’s part of the territory. it’s just that she was asked the question of what she thought about the pics taken from the papz. the journalist know what they’re doing. they didn’t even bother putting up the whole interview! they just mentioned how she said their paparrazzi are obnoxious in BOLD letters so it gets attention.

  • mj

    I love all the jealousy this girl causes. You never look out the window when you’re in a hotel in a new place? Or do you ever travel? Maybe that’s what brings on the hate. She has worked and practiced all her life for this”overnight fame” you see here today. Just maybe if you put a little effort into something other than cussing and spelling words wrong you’d be the one who name is at the top of the thread.

  • evelyn

    im worried about vanessa .. she doesn’t look so good … anyway, pic of her flying back into lax .. but by herself??!?!

  • http://justjaredjr.COM baby v

    Umm to any fans do you know why Vanessa came back home alone?and she did’nt look well either.

  • gossip girl

    ugh wtf why is she complaining. she should be grateful

  • zanessa 4ever!!!

    SO SHUT THE **** UP!


  • zanessahsmxoxo

    i think they sometimes are..i love baby v,#26,shut up!! vanessa is very pretty ok…zanessa4-ever…i love watching paps pics of zanessa but i think sometimes tehy go too far….but i love it,cuz by that way i can know where`s my

    i love she very much and zac is sooooo hot(they are so lucky cuz they have eachother<) zanessa 4-ever

  • troy

    #19 I’m tired of this whole “Celebrieties need to quit complaining about the paps” nonsense. The celebrities owe the paps ABSOLUTELY nothing. It’s the paps who leech on to the celebrities and are the parasities. They give the celebrities absolutely NOTHING in return. And I don’t hear Vanessa “constantly” complain about them. Yeah she knows they go wtih the territory but when she happens to look out her hotel window and sees a bunch of them pointing telescopic camera lenses at her, I would yeah that is obnoxious and invasive and she or Zac or anybody else would be in their rights to call them out on it. It’s a matter of human decency.

    Oh and you asked what Vanessa has accomplished she’s co-starred in an international pop culture phenomanon and released a gold album and “Bandslam” *I’m assuming that’s what you’re referring to* is NOT a direct-to-DVD movie. It will be released theatrically next year.

  • hope:)

    if i were V, i would be very annoyed too i mean ppl in our yearbook comittee do that 2 me and my friends and im like grrrr i dont even know you at least say something, dont like just take a pic and run

  • For Real

    Zac’s father joined him in Australia and they are going to be surfing for the next few days.

    Vanessa is finished with promoting in Australia and came home for her sister’s birthday.

  • Babiivfanforeva

    yeh i support vanessa…like we like to know what shes doing and look at pictures..but to take such private photos of her and zac in their hotel rrom is going a bit would suck and i think it would be nicer to give them some down time and privacy.. love zanessa :D

  • Robin

    Thanks for the info For Real that’s so cool I hope they have a blast!
    s far as Vanessa’s statement is concerned this as usual was taken
    out of context. When she was in Australia the paps were so bad that
    they were in the hotels across from hers and took pictures of them
    through the windows which is really crossing the line. She usually
    is quite gracious about how she gets followed and it’s just part of
    her life, but the interviewer asked her about the hotel room pictures
    and she just honestly anwered. She really is awesome for being
    honest and she isn’t complaining she’s really just stating where do
    you draw the line as far them taking pics-What’s next them following her into the bathroom stall? Give her a break.