Kristen Stewart is Proud of Twilight

Kristen Stewart is Proud of Twilight

Kristen Stewart makes her way through security at LAX airport with boyfriend Michael Angarano in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon.

The 18-year-old leading lady of Twilight recently sat down and revealed just how proud she is of the film. She shared, “I really have to say I feel very proud of the movie. I couldn’t have worked harder so I’m not going to be completely gutted if everyone … wait, no I would be gutted if everyone hated the movie. Especially those who really cared about it before we started. But there’s nothing more I can do. What I do is a very personal thing. I’ve never had to experience this … critiquing. My thing doesn’t usually effect so many people.”

You can catch Kristen and Robert Pattinson (also pictured below) in Twilight when it opens this Friday, November 21st.

15+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart waiting for security at LAX…

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Credit: Chris/Matei; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • marisa

    and even when she just gets off a plane, she still looks so pretty!

  • kayla

    she’s gorgeous!!

  • bia

    Kristen is so cool, i love how Michael and her stil stronger and together \o

  • Serena

    I agree….she has got to be one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood. (not saying that in a weird way).

    Go Kristen!

    Robert is ugly though. Taylor Lautner is hotter! :S why couldn’t Edward be hot? I dont even get why tons of ppl think he’s cute. O.o

    Michael is the dude from Sky High, huh?

  • Haleigh

    i love her, she looks so pretty!

    i was convinced that her and rob had big chemistry
    haha guess not but thats okay :)

    i love rob too!

  • trish

    why is my comment not being published?

  • Alexandra

    she looks pretty even after being on a plane

    PS:_and btw in the pix Rob’s shirt logo or whtever is written in

    RUSSIAN!!! yeah plz don’t think i’m crazy! for knowing that

  • xoxo

    crap, i was hoping she would be with Rob…. maybe in a few years… eventually…

  • trish

    Kristen stewart is gorgeous.
    People are just now noticing her. i’ve thought she was pretty for a while.

    And it isnt the ordinary pretty that you see. she’s exquisite looking.

    rob is amazingly hot.

  • jenna

    I think it’s funny how much smack she’s talking about Disney actors, yet her boyfriend was the lead star in Sky High! wtf?!

  • Tatiana

    Jenna, she also said that she loves Disney movies. The Jungle Book is her favorite, lol. Funny girl. But I think it’s adorable that her boyfriend accompanied her to NY. He did grow up there. They all look so tired though.

  • ash

    she’s kind of disgustingly skinny… but still very pretty.
    and i love rob pattinson !

  • Becky

    okay her bf has nothing on rob. he is a cutie. i think it helps that he has his accent.

  • den

    kristen is gorgeous… the word ‘pretty’ does not do her justice. And i like her bf, he’s cute.

  • Erin

    I already got to see the movie because I got to go to an advanced screening! I love Twilight is it my obsession. I wish that I could have gone to the premiere

  • Alessandrah Autumn

    she looks pretty.. i love her.

  • amelia

    she’s got this natural beauty about her.. I’m so jealous!!

  • Lila

    Rob is way better than this Angarano guy

  • trace

    she and robert looks very vampire-like with their pale skin….and her hair looks very dishieveled

  • k

    Geez, can she and her boyfriend get any more attached at the hip…

  • twhylieght


    are you serious?! this girl is nowhere near disgustingly skinny,.
    on the contrary, she is one of the few in the media with a healthy figure,.

    id hate to know your opinion about keira knightley’s weight,.

  • Ella

    She seem really nice. Her boyfriend lis hot :)
    Can’t wait to see Twilight :)

  • cindy

    haha, rob looks pissed at the airport guy.
    kristen , i used to dislike her looks but now
    seeing her tired yet gorgeous…
    love her outfits in airports , skinny jeans
    and chucks…she’s cute

  • LIBBY!

    affect, not effect. =P

  • christinA

    Mad props to Michael Angarano. He’s obviously a great bf for Kristen not to dump him for Rob Pattinson…for now.

  • michelle

    Gorgeous!!! AND TEAM MICHAEL ALL THE WAY!!!!! Did anyone hear Kristens quote about the fans being retarded??

  • Léa

    Omg !
    I love Kristen’s style

  • liz

    she is so pretty!
    she needs to dump her bf and get together with rob!! haha

  • den

    michelle she never said that. The guy who did the interview misquoted her (aka dropped in a few words of his own). She does love and appreciate the twilight fans.

  • kat

    I love kristen’s styles. it’s cool… and she gorgeous, anyway.
    Rob must ask her… please.

  • kim

    she looks natural
    and she dont need much makeup

  • Twilightd

    Yap, beautiful,sexy and intelligent.Can’t wait for New Moon and any other project she’s in.And can’t wait for Little Ashes-trailer was amazing-can’t wait to see Robert in more projects.Come on Powers-that-be in Hollywood -give him some good roles-he’s a great actor.