Robert Pattinson Is Over The New Moon

Robert Pattinson Is Over The New Moon

Just before catching a flight at JFK airport, Robert Pattinson stops to sign a few autographs and take a few pictures with fans in New York City on Sunday afternoon.

The 22-year-old British actor should get used to the spotlight he’s in now. Word of mouth is that the Summit Entertainment, the studio behind Twilight, has greenlit the sequel to the blockbuster film, based off of author Stephenie Meyer‘s second book in the series, New Moon.

Twilight‘s opening weekend was one for the history books. The film, dominated by female fans, made $70.6 million at the box office.

Co-star Kristen Stewart (pictured below) was also seen out having lunch with her producer father John Stewart at Kabuki Sushi restaurant on Sunday.

10+ pictures of Robert Pattinson and co-star Kristen Stewart inside…

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  • d

    aww hes gone lol

  • joss

    rob <3

    can’t wait to see more of him =D

  • egvsdaasda


  • Kris

    yes NEW MOON ! will be made since Twilight did AMAZING! this weekend..

    I watched the movie.

    and i LOVED IT!
    if you haven’t seen twilight go see it ! seriously .. especially if your a fan of the books you’ll love the movie !.;

    and rob looks sooo hot in the movie :)

  • newport beach, 92660 ♥


    robertpattison looked SEXYYYY !!!!

    aaah , cannot WAIT for newmoon , and eclipse AND breaking dawn

    although i will be 22 by the time the entire series finsih…. but who cares , i ‘ ll still watch it !

    (L) CAM GIGANDET ( JAMES ) ♥ :O , sooo HOTTT tooooooo ! :D

  • Kami

    one word for this movie and this guy: gay

  • Melly

    Rob=Yum. Love the pics.

  • Jamie



  • Sarah

    ahhh why is he so hott? haha
    i have to wait another 2 weeks for the move :(
    can’t wait for it though!:D

  • Sarah

    *movie lol

  • Katherine

    He is a cutie, i will admit it. Nope, he’s a HOTTIE! Does that mean, that he’s off to Europe to promote Twilight, because i remember Kristen saying that they were gonna do promos in Europe. I hope they are, that means more pics….Thanks Jared, for keeping us up to date on everything and anything Twilight!!

    And speaking off…..I LOVED Twilight. it was great. I dont know why people felt the need to bash it or complain about the fact that not everything from the book was in the movie, or that they changed a few things around. They always do that when they movies from books, and if you go into it with an open mind, you’ll get a better sense of the movie instead of thinking oh this is not there, or they changed this and that. Who cares. The movie was really good, and every one of the actors were chosen perfectly for their roles…especially Rob and Kristen. They were great together. I’m seeing the movie again on Wednesday, and i already saw it with a bunch of friends who all liked it (and not all of them had read the book or paid attention to the “hype”).

  • jen

    Adore this guy so much

  • Michelle

    you will be 22 by the time the series finishes… and you are saying basically that you shouldnt be watching it .
    I am 22 now, so I don’t even know how old I will be once they are all done, and I don’t care. I am a fan of the books and I will go support the movie. The movie theater that I went to everyone was over 19 (VIP theater) and it was sold out for almost every showing on the weekend. It bugs me when people say that this is a movie just for teens, because it obviously isn’t.

  • http://myspace Twilightxxlove

    i saw twilight to
    i read the book about a month before
    and i fell in love with it
    and the movie was AMAZING!!
    go see it now if you havent already!
    and yes robert pattinson is the smexxyest man ALIVE!

  • trish.

    the new moon. woo.
    my plan is, to meet ‘em while making the film or while Touring for the film.
    i’m not going to miss Robert and Kristen.

    love em both.

    i love how kristen is like the big actress and yet she isnt scared to look normal. I’m a fan of her because she’s awkward, socially challenged when it comes to 34234 people in her face, she’s not scared to show that she’s shy, embarrased and all that. That’s not an insult either. that’s how i think she’s supercool.

    rob pattinson- just plain sexy. he’s awkward too tho.

  • trish.

    Justjared, even though the movie hype is going to die down a bit.
    keep posting!!!!!!!

    perezhilton is gay because he only cares about the penises of the guys rather than giving kristen stewart the credit she deserves.

  • ali

    I love Rob so much, Cant wait to see him as Salvador Dali. Access Hollywood is showing the trailer on 1 december.

  • Cris

    Kristen’s dad isn’t a producer, he’s a stage manager.

  • liz

    yay new moon!! although that book isnt my fave since edward is gone for most of the book!! cant wait for the movie tho!
    rob is so sexxy!! i love him!

  • Brunah

    love them!!

  • michelle

    Twilight was not good at all! Such a waste of money. I’m just going to stick with the books.

  • christinA

    love those 2

  • loover

    kristen looks weird….. but i love her in the movie so! and OMG robert is so sexxxxyyy i’d love to meet him! and can’t wait for new moon!!!!!

  • Shannon

    omg I loved Twilight most of the complnts are from ppl wh wanted it to be exaclty like the book whatever to them other than that Rob is Edward Cullen the whole cat was perfect im like seriously gonna see it again

  • lower

    Rob FTW ! New Moon, here we come :D

  • hsm!!!

    ohh yeah HSM still won with 85 million. OMG!! 15 millions of difference oh yeah HSM RULES!

  • Mowgli

    Rob dont goooooo!!!!!!!

  • Kris

    uhm # 26 you’re stupid.

    HSM did not make 85 million dollars on it’s opening weekend it only made like 42 million .. which is good for a musical ..

    BUT twilight made 70 million dollars.
    37 million of first day a lone including midnight showing which already comes close to HSM’s 42 mil.

    not to mention twilight scored the record of most successful opening weekend ever for a female director.

  • trish.

    lmao hsm is stupid.

    go twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • αliciα

    Rob is sooooo hot .

    when I saw the movie I was like: omg. I want to be bella so badly

    I dont know if they are together. are they ?

    I love Robert Pattinson so much .

  • den

    no.. they aren’t together. Kristen has a boyfriend.

  • Shelby

    ahhh i love kristen. she has the most amazing eyes, too.

  • BELL


  • fasho

    i absolutely love rob pattinson :D i think he is extremely talented and did an AMAZING job in twilight. im definietly stoked for the second film and HOPEFULLY the 5th book.

  • http://justjaredjr. Zhanique

    I hope to see him do more movies he is so talented and Twilight was such a good movie!

    I think I see Oscar’s in the future for him

  • Jackie

    I saw the movie last night and it was everything I hoped it would be and more….every moment makes you want Rob more! He is the perfect choice for Edward and what’s more he makes everything more romantic. That kiss he put on her neck in the Gazebo???? SWOON!

  • RobPattinsonishot
  • twilight gurl

    omg! i love the twilight boox! i have read twilight an new moon an cant wait to read eclipse!!! im gonna go c the movie friday with my frien an cant wait!!! i love all the characters-not JUS cuz they r good lookin(even tho they r <3)-an LOVED the books so i hope i like the movie!!! thnx twilight guyz an gurlz!!! -ash

  • kristen

    so in that one pic of Rob, he’s standing next to some big guy..WHo is that? do they go everywhere with him?

  • http://hiloe nicle amelia

    me gusta mucho twiling en especial a el guapisimo Robert pattinson que no le pude decir