Kristen Stewart: Born To Be Bad!

Kristen Stewart: Born To Be Bad!

Twilight twosome Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson put on their best head-to-toe black ensembles for the premiere of their haunting film at Vue West End in London on Tuesday evening.

Kristen,18, who sparkled in Chanel jewels (a Black Onyx Camelia ring and Matelasse cuff), has just signed on to play rocker Joan Jett in the upcoming The Runaways, about the punk practitioner’s 1970s all-girl rock band responsible for “Cherry Bomb,” “Queens of Noise” and “Born to Be Bad.”

She’ll tackle that role after she and Rob, 22, film New Moon (March 2009), the first of three sequels to Twilight.

25+ pics inside of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson looking bold in black…

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Credit: Goff; Photos: INFDaily, WENN/Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
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  • yahooooooooo

    so gorgeous, i love him.


  • Lila

    They couldn’t be better looking if they wanted to.
    Their chemestry is in another level.
    Love them!

  • nessa.


  • Hanna

    i love kristen, she is so natural

  • Steff

    Aw! They look amazing both of them!
    I love KW dress &+ Roberts suit!

    I so wanted to go there tonight!
    Entered so many competitions however didn’t win any!! =(

    Ah well, I’ll look forward to the 19th! Cannot Wait!! =D ♥

  • Shannon

    Badass Rob and Kris freaking luv it they look great in all black!

  • ariana

    rob <3

  • Alyssa

    Love them!!!!

    CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW MOON!! (the movie)

    haah they look amazing <3

  • joss

    the both look hot!!
    love rob <3

  • m

    She looks pretty here. Her dress is great and definately looks better than what she had on at the LA Premiere.

    I don’t think he is hot at all, but everyone has different tastes.

  • georgia

    I was there!
    I think I’ve lost my voice though.
    But Kristen looked amazing,, she didnt get to us though :/
    ROB. OMG.
    He was smiling the whole way through even though we were all gripping on to him haha.
    Her bf was there though :/ nobody seemed too pleased about that lmao.

  • =)

    he is so ugly, guys …

    Sorry but … look at his face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah

    Roberts sooo hot.
    i love his like scrufy, dirty look. its so hotttt.
    The boy looks pretty damn amazing in a suite!

  • Ronja

    I love them together

  • mi

    I think they look nice! =)

  • d

    I thought the premiere was today (wednesday) not yesterday?

  • kenny

    Kristen has really really bad fashion sense. She has a pretty face, nice legs, nice body but she doesn’t know how to dress, doesn’t know how to make up

    Rob looks fine. Sexy eyes and smiles

  • angiee


  • spunkie

    He is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen in my whole life!! Love him soooo much!! He is sex on legs!!

    And I like Kristen’s dress!

  • ORLA


    Kristen never gets much credit, it’s always rob, so thank you dearly JJ.


  • Koko

    Kristen is more and more beautiful every day.

    what is robert waiting for?


  • orla

    Kristen has a stylist to tell her what to wear.. and this dress looks fine..
    and anyways.. she could wear a plastic bag and still look hot.

  • Maria

    On Tuesday evening?

    Tha premier was today…WEDNESDAY.

  • lore

    LOVE THEM :D, they are so perfect together!
    i like kristen’s dress and rob’s suit

  • Honey

    OMG Kris look so beautifull nd Rob, well he is so Hot forever… Love It!

  • Ale

    Again I will say this.
    Robert is so adorable,
    His personality and accent. are just amazing,
    He’s not successful with looks, but looks dont matter all the time,

    As to Kristen, shes beautiful, I love her.

    In these pictures they look distant.
    Just a little o.o

  • krol


  • Laura

    Thanks for the pictures and the news on Kristen! Rob’s awesome, but so is Kristen so it’s awesome to hear more about her, too!

  • Chloe

    The movie is sooo awesome, I was going to go to the premiere, but when I got there at 3pm, it was already full :(

  • stefanie

    omg can they be any more hotter together??
    they look stunning they are both really gorgeous and you can tell just by looking at the pictures that they like each other .. its sooo obvious ..she should dump that ugly BF she has she is to pretty for him lol

  • Manu.

    Rob is AWESOME!
    Kris is gorgeous <3
    They are fantastic together..
    ROBSTEN *________*

  • vanessajonas

    robert AND kristen will never happen okay people?
    she has a boyfriend so stop it.. the are not a couple

  • chels

    She is gonna ROCK! I can’t wait for that movie to come out, I know she’s gonna do an awesome job…. no pressure KStew ;)

    Yeah… they look really HOT here. My girlcrush has been amped like crazy lol

  • hailie

    she looks amazing, im exicted for her to get a role like that, i can totally see her as joan jett. they both look wonderful, theyre both so down to earth and amazing.

  • Katherine

    So what if she has a boyfriend?? Your point is?? She’s 18 for god sakes, you think she’s gonna stay with that guy she has forever?? You’re delusional if you think so…that doesnt happen in the “real world” let alone in “Hollywood” where everyone sleeps with everyone else.

    Anyway……back to topic.

    The premiere looks pretty cool. Loved the movie, loved the performances.

    Love their chemisty which is undeniable of course. They do have great chemistry together…cant wait to see New Moon and the rest of the sequels! Its gonna be great.

    Rob looks delicious!

  • hailie

    by the way, i love that dress her her eye makeup looks awesome

  • http://justjaredjr. Zhanique

    OK why are people saying they should date? Yeah they did a movie together and they are each other’s love intrests but I think she has a bf she is happy with and I think Rob enjoys being single for now!

  • Emma

    I loveeee Kristen, she looks amazingg here too<33 And Rob is so hott and gorgeous and yummmmmm. God, I can’t wait til New Moon… and all of Kristen’s other new movies to come out! Seeing her as Joan Jett is gonna be so sick! Ah! Did anyone else notice in one of the pics of Kristen alone in the back theres a sign that says “bella italia” haha i was like Bella! =] Okay i’m a nerd. peace


    aaaaaaah:@ i hate her. she doesn’t has fashion sense my godness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but OMGG he is so sexxxxxxy i love him and i can’t wait for new moon:):) it’s gonna be awesome.

  • Shika

    He’s sexy. but looks like he’s on drugs.

  • tiff

    i was meant to be there but i thought it ws goin to be on the 19th am so pissed nwy hpe wl c hm another tme or sumthn he is so hoottt and enigmatic damn!!!

  • bia

    Kristen is so awesome!


    Beautiful ‘couple’ but I prefer Mr. and Mrs. Efron, forever (L)

  • julie

    love you guys!
    you’re awesome.

  • julie


  • Brunah

    love them…
    kristen perfect!!

  • Sammy

    Aww they are so cute together. I ‘m waiting for the rumors to start that she and her boyfriend broke up and she’s with Rob. I personally wouldn’t mind they are so cute together.

    I can’t wait to see what they do with New Moon. At least I like Taylor as Jake now, so it won’t be to bad since he’ll be in most of the movie. I do hope they touch a little more on the summer before and some things that were cut out of twilight (Alice’s history and what Edward really said at the hospital. THey changed it just a little bit, but if they don’t edit it in NM then it won’t make sense when he takes off.)

    Other then that these two are adorable and I hope they enjoy all their time in the limelight. They both earned it.

  • Chris

    Kristen Stewart is so effing hot! I hope she really sings and plays the guitar in this Joan Jett movie. I loved her voice in “Into The Wild”.

  • shea

    i noticed robert and kristen rub their hands through their hair a lot.thats probably how they get that sexy disheveled oily hair look.
    they both look hot!!someone probably told kristen to smile more,she looks pretty but you can tell she’s not into it,looks kinda awkward for her. i think she must like robert cos she couldn’t try and be further away from him when they pose together.who can blame her though

  • Kris

    #35 your perception of everyone in Hollywood sleeps with everyone .. is just completely false.
    Kristen has been with her bf for 2 years .. That’s a long time.. Is anyone saying that they’re ready to commit to each other for forever ? no.. they’re young but like i said 2 years is a long time so who knows ..

    && Kristen looks so pretty here! Her dress is beautiful.. && Although i even agree that Rob and Kristen make a cute looking couple.. It’s not like i’m hoping she breaks up with her current bf ..

    That’s just rude. let her date who ever she wants to date clearly that’s michael.. hoping and wishing they were together won’t do anything.